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Weird Islanders: The Podcast!

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Chris Osgood (with guest Michael Paul Smith)

Joined again by podcaster and actor Michael Paul Smith, we remember when the Islanders were gifted two time Stanley Cup champion goalie Chris Osgood, who helped their quick transformation in the early 2000’s.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Michael Dal Colle (with guest Brian Compton)

Mike and Dan catch up with editor and all around Islanders luminary Brian Compton and remember Michael Dal Colle, a high first round pick who took the long road to become a fine defensive forward.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Peter Regin (with guest Tyler Gildin)

Joined by producer and podcaster Tyler Gilden, we remember forward Peter Regin, who came to Long Island to play with his countryman Frans Nielsen and left soon in a deal that quietly remade a few teams.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Tom Kuhnhackl (with guest AJ DeVito)

Along with Skates at the Stakes podcast host AJ DeVito, Mike and Dan remember Tom Kuhnhackl, a depth winger capable of unforgettable goals and non-goals alike.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Cliff Ronning (with guest Travis Flynn, aka North Dakota Red Eagle)

Joined by longtime Lighthouse Hockey contributor Travis Flynn, a.k.a. North Dakota Red Eagle, Mike and Dan remember Cliff Ronning, a star player who, against all odds, ended up an Islander for half a season.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Kevin Poulin (with guest Marc Sabourin)

Joined by Marc Sabourin, aka Sab, aka the creator of one of the best Islanders channels on YouTube, Mike and Dan remember goalie Kevin Poulin, who played less and won more internationally than most realize.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Mike Comrie (with guest Ethan from Gotham Sports Network)

Joined by Gotham Sports Network founder and Giants podcaster Ethan, Mike and Dan remember Mike Comrie, who brought a lot of skill and a very famous significant other to a downtrodden Islanders club.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Taylor Beck, Christopher Gibson and the “Big” Trade that Wasn’t (with guest Arthur Staple)

Joined by their friend Arthur Staple of The Athletic, Mike and Dan remember a rare NHL five-for-one trade that didn’t really work out for either the Islanders or Maple Leafs.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Alexander Semak (with guest Greg Wyshynski)

Mike and Dan kick off another season celebrating short-time Isles with ESPN’s Greg Wyshynski discussing Alexander Semak, a notable Devil and forgotten Islander.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Kip Miller (with guest Greg Picker)

Along with Islanders radio color commentator Greg Picker, Mike and Dan celebrate Kip Miller, who had three stints with the team including one spectacular but short playoff run.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Shane Prince (with guest Desmond Zantua)

With returning guest Desmond Zantua of the Through the Island podcast, Mike and Dan remember winger Shane Prince, who counted as a big trade deadline acquisition during a dark time and had one very memorable playoff game.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Ron Hextall (with guest Bill Matz)

Joined by Broad Street Hockey Radio’s Master of Fun & Games Bill Matz, Mike and Dan relive the short, strange and unsatisfying Islanders run of goalie and Flyers legend Ron Hextall.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Trevor Linden (with guest Jon Zella)

Joined by Nassaumen Hockey podcast co-host Jon Zella, Mike and Dan remember when the Islanders acquired Trevor Linden, an actual NHL star, during a tumultuous time on an off the ice.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Matt Donovan (with guest Keith Dallas)

Joined by comic book writer and historian Keith Dallas, Mike and Dan remember Oklahoma-born defenseman Matt Donovan, who endured many high hopes and trade proposals during his short time with the Islanders.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Rob Schremp (with guest Lisa aka @IslesChick)

Mike and Dan are joined by Lisa, a longtime Islanders fan and owner of the indispensable @Islandermania on Twitter, to remember Rob Schremp, whose slick moves and potential were highlight for fans during the early rebuild period.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Two GMs and One MacG (with guest Phil Strum)

Joined by wrestling podcaster and former sportswriter Phil Strum, Mike and Dan remember two short time Islanders who became general managers as well as the most obscure player we have ever featured.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Alan Quine (with guest Joe Buono)

Joined by Joe Buono, author of children’s book New York Islanders A to Z, Mike and Dan remember Alan Quine, a player whose short time with the Islanders was defined by one monumental playoff goal.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Roberto Luongo and Kevin Weekes (with guest Sean Cuthbert)

Joined by Hockey Night in New York host Sean Cuthbert, Mike and Dan talk about the goalie tandem of the future that wasn’t, and the mad weekend that changed the Islanders forever.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Derick Brassard (with guest @RattMartin)

Joined by Ryan, aka RattMartin of the Skates at the Stakes podcast, Mike and Dan remember Derick Brassard, a recent Weird Islander who went from hated to beloved to forgotten in the span of just a few seasons.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Justin Bourne

Mike and Dan are joined by Sportsnet host, Islanders legacy and author Justin Bourne to talk about his new book and his training camp experience with the Islanders in 2007.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Micheal Haley (with special guest Travis Reilly)

Along with their friend Travis Reilly of hardcore band This is Hell, Mike and Dan remember Micheal Haley, who made a huge impression on Islanders fans thanks mostly to one unforgettable fight night.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Zenon Konopka (with guest Peter Flynn)

Joined by guest Peter Flynn - a former Islanders fan and Red Wings blogger - Mike and Dan reminisce about Zenon Konopka, one of the most popular one-and-done Islanders and more than just a fighter.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Justin Mapletoft (with guest Noel Fogelman)

Joined by returning guest Noel Fogelman, Mike and Dan remember Justin Mapletoft, a highly-touted Islanders prospect from before the social media era.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Brent Sopel (with guest Matt Kammerer aka @ExIsledUsher)

Along with their friend Matty, a Nassau Coliseum usher since 2001, Mike and Dan remember eventual Stanley Cup champion defenseman Brent Sopel’s brief time with the Islanders.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - John Vanbiesbrouck and Chris Terreri (with guest Nick Giglia)

Along with returning guest Nick Giglia, Mike and Dan talk about a pair of goalies with distinguished NHL careers who stopped by the Islanders very briefly after being traded for one another.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - J-P Dumont (with guest Alex Daugherty)

J-P Dumont was drafted by, but never played for the Islanders. Predators writer Alex Daugherty tells Dan and Mike all about the kind of player the third overall pick in 1996 was, and his unusual route to Nashville.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Wendel Clark (with guest Sean McIndoe)

Mike and Dan are joined by writer, podcaster and Leafs fan Sean McIndoe (aka @DownGoesBrown) to discuss Wendel Clark - his favorite player and a short-time Islander during a crazy era.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Relatively Famous (with guest Mike Basile)

Mike and Dan are joined by Lighthouse Hockey legend Mike B to look at three short-time Islanders with much more famous family members.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Felix Potvin (with guest John Muir aka @OlegKvasha)

Mike and Dan kick off a new season of Weird Islanders: The Podcast! with their friend John Muir (who you may have seen around Twitter as @OlegKvasha) and the star-crossed goalie at the center of the most bizarre periods in Islanders history.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Craig Janney (with guest Dominik)

Lighthouse Hockey founder Dominik Jánský walks Mike and Dan through the twisty career of Craig Janney, who spent 18 forgettable games as an Islander after years of almost stardom and near-constant drama.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Chris Simon (with guest Eric Needell)

Mike and Dan are joined by friend and longtime Islanders fan Eric Needell to talk about Chris Simon, a tough guy who packed a lot into his short time on Long Island.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! Raffi Torres (with guest Nick Costa)

Mike and Dan are joined by Nick Costa of the legendary Offside Tavern to talk about Raffi Torres, an infamous NHL player that most people forgot even was an Islander.