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This, That & What-Not

Return Voyage? Insider reveals plans for Islanders Fisherman Reverse Retro Uniforms

According to the venerable uniform site Icethetics, the Islanders Reverse Retro third uniform design includes the return of a certain bearded fisherman from the mid-1990s.

New Covid Protocols Agreed by NHL, NHLPA

They are extensive and far-reaching. They’re also familiar to some of us.

New York Islanders Retro Jersey is as Unchanging as Lou Lamoriello

Hints of the early 2000s. And 1980. You expected different?

Is the NHL bubble affecting game quality? Would you dare change playoff overtime?

The latest SB Nation Reacts survey had to do with the general quality of play in this whole NHL bubble experiment.

Rivalry Week: How Much do the Rangers Matter?

It’s always a good derby night, and they might be good again soon, the Battle of New York still the thing?

‘NHL ‘95’ gave Isles fans a chance to right roster wrongs

For an Islanders fan, one - literal - game-changing option made NHL ‘95 the best possible iteration of the best sports video game series.

NHL FanPulse Results: The Islanders should be buyers, but of what?

But there is a subset who say "Sell!"

NHL Trade Deadline Question: How much of a buyer should the Islanders be?

What are you willing to spend to help the Islanders make a serious run?

Barry > Babcock: SB Nation FanPulse Poll

That "next coach to be fired" poll was validated rather quickly.

19 Isles Thoughts: Barry Trotz, Oliver Wahlstrom, and Another PDO Surge

Just some weekly reflection on all things Islanders

Very Important Game: Islanders vs. Penguins on Thursday, November 7

The 2019 First Round rematch figures to be full of fireworks and excellent hockey.

Video: How the New York Islanders ice and brilliant orange is made

Everything you wanted to know about how the magic is made, in just over three minutes.

First Islanders Goal (FIG) Picks: These are the rules

Join in a gameday tradition at Lighthouse Hockey. Or don’t. Lou don’t care.

What a season this was for the New York Islanders

A "quick" thank you to the organization and fanbase for 2018-19.

The Islanders’ Next Opponent is... [Capitals-Hurricanes Game 7 thread]

Scout the Islanders’ next opponent with everything on the line.

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FIG Champion, Playoff FIG Rules

Congratulations to Doctor Osty for taking the regular season First Islanders Goal pick championship. Now here are the adjusted rules for the FIGging playoffs.

What Islanders Fans Have Done with their John Tavares Jerseys

An investigative report on what Islanders fans have done with their #91 jerseys since July 1st

Booth of Champions: Jennifer Botterill joins New York Islanders broadcast

Three-time Olympic gold medalist adds more bling — and insight — to MSG

Sartorial Endeavors: Islanders debuting latest 3rd jersey vs. Penguins

Sure, why not

Islanders Nabbing Penguins Exec for Business Ops: Report

The Post-Gazette reports Travis Williams is getting promoted to the Islanders.

First Islanders Goal (FIG) Pick Rules

All the rules for Lighthouse Hockey’s gameday competition, including one new twist

Billy Guerin told Tom Kuhnhackl he should maybe think about learning defense

The ex-Islander knows more than just shower rules.

Where Were You the Day Wayne Gretzky was Traded?

Looking back at a different time in sports history.

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Why I Won't Leave, And Why You Need To Stay, Too

If it weren't for the fans, the Islanders would have been gone a long time ago.

NHL Free Agency: New York Islanders edition

An open thread to follow the day’s...action

Barry Trotz Resigns as Washington Capitals head coach

The New York Islanders happen to have a vacancy.

Should Islanders bid as Capitals explore trading Grubauer?

The goalie wants to be a number one. The Islanders need one of those.

Game 7 Thread: Laviolette still has it

‘You want to play hard for a guy like that.’

Islanders Ownership Issues Expanded Statement

This one of Belmont and the lengthy Cup drought?

The Story of the New York Islanders, in One Tweet and One Quote

The Islanders are frequently exciting, and too often maddening.

We’re All Counting on You: 2018 Trade Deadline Open Thread

Buckle your seatbelts.

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Drinking LI IV: Islanders fan guide to craft beer

Because we care so much about you, Head of Metal has gone and vetted these local beers for you.