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New York Islanders Podcasts

Including Islanders Anxiety and Isles Buzz podcasts at Lighthouse Hockey

Islanders Anxiety - Cut the Rink in Half

Mike and Dan recap the Islanders’ clinical win over the Lightning in Game 1 of their semifinal series and the unexpected complete team victory.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 161 - My Very Hoarse Friend

With a raspy voice worn out from screaming, Mike and Dan discuss the Islanders eliminating the Bruins and facing the Lightning again in the semifinals.

Islanders Anxiety - Pizza in the Trunk

Mike and Dan cover the ups, downs, heroes and goats of first two games of the Islanders-Bruins series.

Islanders Anxiety - Casey Cizikas Saved My Marriage

Mike and Dan cover the ups, downs, heroes and goats of first two games of the Islanders-Bruins series.

Islanders Anxiety - The Islanders Did it Again

Mike and Dan revel in the Islanders’ elimination of the Penguins and marvel at how far they’ve come in three seasons.

PTIsles Podcast: Whale of a Game

Sorokin Bails Out The Islanders

Islanders Anxiety - An Episode of The Love Boat

Mike and Dan discuss the rollercoaster of the Islanders losing Games 2 & 3 to the Penguins, then winning a Game 4 lovefest.

Islanders Anxiety - They Stole It at Gunpoint

Mike and Dan are still excited over 24 hours after the Islanders OT win over the Penguins in Game 1 of their playoff series.

Islanders Anxiety - So Much Hope In The Air

Mike and Dan look ahead to the Islanders first round playoff series against the Penguins and reasons to be optimistic (or doubtful).

PTIsles Podcast - Limping In

Will the Islanders rebound before entering the playoffs?

Islanders Anxiety - A Good Time for Perspective

Mike and Dan are very confused by the recent play of the Islanders and the even more recent actions of the Rangers.

Islanders Anxiety - Souls Sucked Out by Aliens

Mike and Dan recap the Islanders two tough losses to the Capitals, the team’s recent struggles and a win against the Rangers.

Islanders Anxiety - A Week In a Submarine

Mike and Dan worry about the Islanders’ recent lackluster play with six (6!) games against the Rangers and Capitals looming on the horizon.

PTIsles Podcast: Runnin’ with the Devils

Islanders live their life like there’s no tomorrow

Islanders Anxiety - Let Them All Unfold In Front of You

In a super-sized episode, Mike and Dan are joined by Arthur Staple of The Athletic to discuss the Islanders trade deadline acquisitions and how the team will respond.

Islanders Anxiety - I Hope You Brought Your Roses

On their 150th episode, Mike & Dan celebrate Mat Barzal and a blowout win over the Caps, then ponder the fate of Kyle Palmieri and other possible trade deadline targets.

Islanders Anxiety - Dark Clouds Coming In

Mike and Dan lament two disastrous loses in Pittsburgh and the difficult looming schedule for the Islanders.

PTIsles Podcast: It’s The Pitts

This episode is served with a side of slime and hot sauce

Islanders Anxiety - You’re Watching a Symphony

Mike and Dan celebrate Ilya Sorokin stealing the Islanders a win and look at some possible trade targets.

PTIsles Podcast: Life after Lee

Islanders on the road to the playoffs with their captain

Islanders Anxiety - People Are Starting to Notice

Mike and Dan examine the Islanders’ wild weekend series against the Devils, their winning streak and the attention the team is starting to get from around the NHL.

PtIsles Podcast: Winning Ways

A trio of 5-2 wins and a goal of the candidate highlight the week

Islanders Anxiety - This Side of the Mountain

Mike and Dan examine the Islanders’ complete sweep of the Sabres and how they know the unique pain Buffalo fans are feeling.

Islanders Anxiety - A Wait and See Moment

Mike and Dan are in much better moods after the Islanders shut out the Penguins for the first time since Eddie Murphy had a hit single.

Islanders Anxiety - Don’t Know What to Believe

Mike and Dan are fired up and frustrated about the Islanders last few games, who to trust and who organized an office Christmas party before a game in February.

PTIsles Podcast: Paging Pageau

Who owns da Sabres....ooownnzzz!!!

Islanders Anxiety - Fun Boring Hockey

Mike and Dan talk about the Islanders’ return to form and point streak, and later chat about a special new Mat Barzal bobblehead figure.

Islanders Anxiety - Up From The Taxi Squad

Dan and special guest Carey Haber take an overview of how the Islanders have performed so far this season.

PTIsles Podcast: Identity Theft

Newsday’s Andrew Gross calls in

Islanders Anxiety - A Very Bleak Week

Mike and Dan sift through the ashes of a week in which the Islanders lost four games and how many of their long-standing problems remain.

Islanders Anxiety - Is It Too Early To Worry?

Mike and Dan discuss the good and bad of the Islanders’ split with the Devils, their upcoming games and the demise of NBCSN.

Islanders Anxiety - We’ve Seen Everything Already

Mike and Dan discuss the eventful first three games of the Islanders season and the unexpected debut of Ilya Sorokin.