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New York Islanders Podcasts

Including Islanders Anxiety and Isles Buzz podcasts at Lighthouse Hockey

Islanders Award Winners: Bryan Trottier, Calder Trophy, 1976

Lighthouse Hockey’s second series of audio documentaries begins with a rookie season for the ages for an instant No. 1 center. At just 19 when the season began, Bryan Trottier would finish his first season with record numbers and helped the Islanders establish themselves as one of the best NHL teams of the mid-70’s.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Staple’s Starting Six (with guest Arthur Staple)

Arthur Staple of The Athletic takes Dan and Mike through an entire starting lineup of players who spent less than 20 games in the blue-and-orange but who all took their own unique paths to and from Long Island.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 199 - Guard of Honor

Mike and Dan talk about Ilya Sorokin’s extraordinary week and pay tribute to the career and impact of Islanders legend Mike Bossy.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 198 - The Bad Times Are Back

Mike and Dan look at one satisfying win and two hugely disappointing losses for the Islanders, who have a zombie three weeks ahead of them for the first time in three seasons.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Capital District Special (with guest Bob Dittmeier)

Dan and former AHL reporter Bob Dittmeier reminisce about the Capital District Islanders, the New York Islanders’ upstate-based farm team from the early ‘90s and players like Graeme Townshend, Greg Parks, Jaime McLennan and more.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 197 - Close to Being Close

Mike and Dan recap the Islanders four wins (!) this week and let themselves enjoy a team continuing to make games meaningful into the season’s final month.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 196 - Be Your Own Upgrade

Mike and Dan recap a spectacularly bad weekend for the Islanders and discuss GM Lou Lamoriello’s words following the trade deadline.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Wade Dubielewicz (with guest Joe Buono)

Mike and Dan talk with Isles Fix’s Joe Buono about goalie Wade Dubielewicz, a cult Islanders legend with a one-of-a-kind career arc.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 195 - We’re Incredibly Attached

Mike and Dan recap the 2022 NHL Trade deadline, in which the Islanders made zero (0) trades but two (2) signings.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 194 - Rooting for the Same Miracle

In a super-sized trade deadline spectacular, Mike and Dan recap the Islanders three-game winning streak and talk about what they think the team will (and, more importantly will not) do this week.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Sergei Nemchinov (with guest Nick Giglia)

Dan and Nick Giglia of invaluable referendum blog "Let There Be Lighthouse" talk about how Sergei Nemchinov was a winner who played for the Islanders at the wrong time.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 193 - Every Loss is a Microcosm

Mike and Dan look at the good (some) and bad (also some) of the Islanders’ last week and the promising signs that have, unfortunately, started to arrive a little too late.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 192 - Opening A Can of Wormholes

Mike and Dan recap a week of good Islanders performances (with one shameful loss) and wonder where the team’s younger players go after this weird season.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Thomas Vanek (with guest Jenny Berman)

Joined by Lighthouse Hockey’s own Jenny Berman, Mike and Dan discuss how Thomas Vanek spent 47 games with the Islanders that were somehow both completely inconsequential and yet totally changed the direction of the franchise.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 191 - Waiting for Themselves

Mike and Dan look again at the Islanders’ maddening pattern of wins and lamentable losses, and how their trade deadline will affect their overall direction.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 190 - A Tapestry of Agony

Mike and Dan recap the Islanders up and down (mostly down) trip to Western Canada and look back at a cursed first half of the season.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Kirk Muller (with guest Michael Paul Smith)

Joined by actor, writer and podcaster Michael Paul Smith, Dan and Mike take it all the way back to the original Islanders villain who changed the way the team was perceived for all time.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 189 - That’s What Losing Does

Mike and Dan discuss the Islanders’ embarrassing loss to expansion Seattle just before the All Star Break and the important road trips that will determine where their season goes next.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Ryan Smyth (with guest Noel Fogelman)

Dan and special guest Noel Fogelman revisit one of the most bizarre episodes in recent Islanders history, the many-layered acquisition of "Captain Canada" Ryan Smyth.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 188 - Half the Formula Down

Dan and emergency recall Carey Haber look at the Islanders recent losses, their struggles against winning teams and what qualities they’re still missing this season.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 187 - A Phenomena of Emotions

Mike and Dan recap the Islanders three wins and one loss this week and examine the monumental impact of Clark Gillies, who has passed away at 67.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Jay Pandolfo (with guest Kevin Schultz)

Mike and Dan discuss defensive forward Jay Pandolfo’s short but legendary stint as an Islander with former blogger and Vintage Ice Hockey founder Kevin Schultz.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 186 - I Want That Team Again

Mike and Dan recap a win and a loss and look into some possible trades the Islanders can make to bolster their defense in this (possibly already lost) season.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Brian Rolston (with guest Carey Haber)

First episode of a brand new LHH podcast! What is a "Weird Islander" and what makes Brian Rolston one? We ask guest Carey Haber and lay down some ground rules for the show going forward.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 185 - Like a Travelling Circus

Mike and Dan recap the Islanders back-to-back wins as they stare down another long break in between games.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 184 - Short End of the Stick

Mike and Dan talk about a good win and two frustrating loses for the Islanders, and are joined by Arthur Staple to hear stories of his decade on the team’s beat.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 183 - Exorcising Demons All Around

Mike and Dan recap a big win and a tough loss, and hash out the Islanders’ recent play and current identity (or lack thereof).

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 182 - Coming Back to Life

Mike and Dan breath a sigh of relief as the Islanders win an actual game and start putting points together. They just need to keep doing that.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 181 - A Stretch of Absolute Hell

Mike and Dan sift through two more Islanders losses and process their frustrations over the postponements of at least two upcoming games.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 180 - Far From Fine

Absolutely nothing is going right for the Islanders right now - losses, injuries and COVID cases are piling up. But there is a new arena to talk about...

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 179 - The Ledge is Approaching

Mike, Dan and special guest Carey Haber process the emotions of the Islanders losing three straight games and defenseman Ryan Pulock to injury as they open UBA Arena.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 178 - Made a Mess of That Place

Mike and Dan chat about the Islanders mostly successful weekend and talk to Arthur Staple about his new book "100 Things Islanders Fans Should and Do Before They Die."