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New York Islanders Podcasts

Including Islanders Anxiety and Isles Buzz podcasts at Lighthouse Hockey

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Relatively Famous (with guest Mike Basile)

Mike and Dan are joined by Lighthouse Hockey legend Mike B to look at three short-time Islanders with much more famous family members.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 217 - Genuinely Pleasantly Surprised

Mike and Dan react to a three-game winning streak that they did not see coming and the Islanders showing resiliency in the face of some tough opponents.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 216 - Josh Bailey 1000 Games Special

Mike and Dan celebrate Josh Bailey as he crosses the 1,000 games mark, a unique player reaching a unique place in Islanders history.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 215 - And Then It Went to Hell

The Islanders drop three games in a row and Mike and Dan aren’t happy about it, or about their upcoming schedule of difficult opponents.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Felix Potvin (with guest John Muir aka @OlegKvasha)

Mike and Dan kick off a new season of Weird Islanders: The Podcast! with their friend John Muir (who you may have seen around Twitter as @OlegKvasha) and the star-crossed goalie at the center of the most bizarre periods in Islanders history.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 214 - Cautiously Encouraged

Mike and Dan look at the Islanders first two games of the season and what’s different but the same about the team this time around.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 213 - Six Months of Playoffs

Mike and Dan wrap up the preseason and look ahead to the start of the Islanders regular season, with a mix of excitement and apprehension.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 212 - Everyone is Such a Diehard

Mike and Dan celebrate Mat Barzal, who has signed an eight-year contract extension with the Islanders, before turning their attention to the rest of the NHL in their annual season preview.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 211 - The Natural State of Things

Mike and Dan (finally) talk about the upcoming Islanders season, how their muted expectations feel normal, and the star power of Mathew Barzal.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 210 - All of a Sudden Out of Nowhere

Mike and Dan discuss the trio of signings the Islanders announced late in the summer and determine which gets the Tidy Piece of Business Seal of Approval.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 209 - Our Third Season Finale

Mike and Dan are joined by Arthur Staple of The Athletic to talk over just what the hell happened to that whole "Nazem Kadri to the Islanders" thing.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 208 - There’s Been No Shuffling

Mike and Dan tie a bow on the 2021-22 season by talking about the Islanders’ lack of moves, taking stock of where the franchise is now, and answering listener questions.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 207 - Don’t Be The Islanders

Mike and Dan try to understand how Johnny Gaudreau went from choosing between the Islanders and Devils to signing with Columbus.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 206 - We have a trade to announce

Mike and Dan discuss the Islanders moves at the 2022 NHL Entry Draft, including trading their first round pick for defenseman Alexander Romanov.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Craig Janney (with guest Dominik)

Lighthouse Hockey founder Dominik Jánský walks Mike and Dan through the twisty career of Craig Janney, who spent 18 forgettable games as an Islander after years of almost stardom and near-constant drama.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 205 - Research and Development

Mike and Dan wrap up the Stanley Cup final, look ahead to the draft and talk some trash about ESPN’s first season of hockey in two decades.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Chris Simon (with guest Eric Needell)

Mike and Dan are joined by friend and longtime Islanders fan Eric Needell to talk about Chris Simon, a tough guy who packed a lot into his short time on Long Island.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 204 - Deep Pocketed Monsters

Mike and Dan revel in the New York Rangers’ demise after a terrifying playoff run, and look around the NHL at what could be a very active offseason.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! Raffi Torres (with guest Nick Costa)

Mike and Dan are joined by Nick Costa of the legendary Offside Tavern to talk about Raffi Torres, an infamous NHL player that most people forgot even was an Islander.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 203 - A Very Specific Type of Torture

Mike and Dan ramble and rant about a range of NHL topics, from strange playoff bedfellows to prospect coverage to old guy veneration.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Valtteri Filppula (with guest Steven Smith)

Lighthouse Hockey’s Steven Smith joins Mike and Dan to talk about Valtteri Filppula, who went from indefensible signing to indispensable Islander in just a few months.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - The Reluctant Euros (with guest Desmond Zantua)

Along with Desmond Zantua of the Through the Island podcast, Mike and Dan talk about five import players who didn’t want to become Islanders. Some stayed a little while, some longer and one not at all.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 202 - Once Every 202 Episodes

Mike and Dan examine the Islanders naming Lane Lambert head coach and some big stories from the first round of the playoffs before answering listener questions.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 201 - Sufficiently Crazy Enough

Mike and Dan attempt to process the news of the Islanders firing Barry Trotz, the coach with the tightest connection to the Islanders fanbase.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 200 - More Weird Than Scary

In their 200th episode, Mike and Dan reflect on the Islanders season, the exit interviews of the players and their unique brand of interaction with listeners.

Islanders Award Winners: Bryan Trottier, Calder Trophy, 1976

Lighthouse Hockey’s second series of audio documentaries begins with a rookie season for the ages for an instant No. 1 center. At just 19 when the season began, Bryan Trottier would finish his first season with record numbers and helped the Islanders establish themselves as one of the best NHL teams of the mid-70’s.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Staple’s Starting Six (with guest Arthur Staple)

Arthur Staple of The Athletic takes Dan and Mike through an entire starting lineup of players who spent less than 20 games in the blue-and-orange but who all took their own unique paths to and from Long Island.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 199 - Guard of Honor

Mike and Dan talk about Ilya Sorokin’s extraordinary week and pay tribute to the career and impact of Islanders legend Mike Bossy.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 198 - The Bad Times Are Back

Mike and Dan look at one satisfying win and two hugely disappointing losses for the Islanders, who have a zombie three weeks ahead of them for the first time in three seasons.

Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Capital District Special (with guest Bob Dittmeier)

Dan and former AHL reporter Bob Dittmeier reminisce about the Capital District Islanders, the New York Islanders’ upstate-based farm team from the early ‘90s and players like Graeme Townshend, Greg Parks, Jaime McLennan and more.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 197 - Close to Being Close

Mike and Dan recap the Islanders four wins (!) this week and let themselves enjoy a team continuing to make games meaningful into the season’s final month.

Islanders Anxiety - Episode 196 - Be Your Own Upgrade

Mike and Dan recap a spectacularly bad weekend for the Islanders and discuss GM Lou Lamoriello’s words following the trade deadline.