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Lighthouse Zeitgeist Season Previews

13-14 Metropolitan Preview by Staal Cousin Oliver

Young Oliver Staal is the 11-year-old cousin of NHL players Eric, Jordan, Jared & Marc Staal. Oliver gives Lighthouse Hockey the kind of in-depth analysis of the Metropolitan Division that only a family member can give. (satire)

13-14 Central Preview by Trotz's Chiropractor

Isaac Freeman has been the chiropractor for Nashville Predators coach Barry Trotz since 2002. Because of his intimate relationship with the coach, Lighthouse Hockey asked Isaac to preview the upcoming season in the NHL's Central Division. (satire)

13-14 Atlantic Preview by Alfie's Real Estate Lady

Anita Euhaal is the licensed Detroit-area real estate agent that helped Daniel Alfredsson find a new house after his signing with the Red Wings this summer. Lighthouse Hockey asked Anita for her take on the NHL's new Atlantic Division. (satire)

13-14 Previews: Getzlaf's Barber on the Pacific

Humberto de la Cruz has been the personal barber for Anaheim captain Ryan Getzlaf for years. Lighthouse Hockey caught up with Humberto to get his unique and comprehensive look at the teams in the NHL's Pacific Division. (satire)