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Last Call in Nassau

Reflections on Nassau Coliseum during the Islanders' final season at their original home.

Nassau Coliseum Agreement: Islanders to split games over next three seasons

Are we in Brooklyn or Nassau? Better check your schedule.

Islanders Interim Occupancy at the Coliseum, Ever Nearer

Newsday reports parties are "closing in" on an agreement

Before Belmont: Islanders, State, Barclays jockey over short(er)-term home

Everyone wants what they want, and then over here you have leverage and compromise

Tribute Video: Greatest Moments at the Coliseum

Packing 40+ years of history into four minutes or less.

So: How Loud WAS the Coliseum for Game 3?

Don't wear earplugs to Nassau Coliseum when taking in a playoff game. Being forced to choose between your hearing and one of the league's best postseason atmospheres is what makes the Old Barn special.

Last Call in Nassau, Ep 6: Set in Stone

The last (maybe) entry in the season-long series. A final Islanders game at the Coliseum is a reminder of youth, heroes and just how much has changed outside of Nassau County.

Last Call, Ep. 5: Double Doubles & Double Headers

In part five of our ongoing series about the final season at Nassau Coliseum, two lifelong friends take in an Islanders game for the first time in almost 20 years and enjoy the fast food of their youth.

Last Call in Nassau, Ep 4: Everybody Into the Car

In part four of the ongoing series about the Islanders final season at Nassau Coliseum, (most of) the Lighthouse Hockey editorial staff hangs out live and in-person at the Islanders-Flyers matinee game on Martin Luther King Day.

Last Call in Nassau, Ep 3: A personal favor

Episode 3 of a series of games during the Islanders final season at Nassau Coliseum. A fan attends a game with his wife, father and daughter. The hockey's not that good, but the lessons are vital.

Last Call in Nassau, Ep 2: Thank You

Episode 2 of a series of games during the Islanders final season at Nassau Coliseum. A friend and rival fan is grateful for the successes he's seen and the failures along the way.

Last Call in Nassau, Ep 1: Relocation Station

Part 1 of a series of personal reflections about the Islanders' final season in Nassau Coliseum. An innocent question from a fan, prompts questions about other times the Islanders were expected to leave Long Island.

Photo Essay: Last Call in Nassau, Prologue

A photo essay reflection on the Islanders' next home and an introduction to an upcoming series saying goodbye to their old home.