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Islanders Moments of 2015

Recalling the moments of the year that was.

Isles 2015 Moments: Battle of NY comes to Barclays

It shouldn't surprise anyone that the most intense game played at Barclays Center during its maiden months as the Islanders' new home was the first game against the Rangers.

Isles 2015 Memories: Snow pulls two aces at Draft

Starting with zero picks of their own, the Islanders left the first round of the 2015 draft with two new players and Garth Snow with almost universal acclaim for swooping in and spinning some straw into high-end gold.

Isles 2015 Moments: Last night at "Fort Neverlose"

A tense, tightly played game that turned on one crazy play and ended with fisticuffs and the Islanders living to play on another day gave a contemporary audience a vague idea of why they used to call the place "Fort Neverlose."

Isles 2015 Moments: Tavares zaps Caps in OT

If we're talking John Tavares overtime magic, only one goal was and will remain truly memorable. In the final season at Nassau Coliseum, Tavares carved himself a small space among Islanders' overtime playoff scorers.

Isles 2015 Moments: Okposo's Fantastic Four

A walk down recent memory lane starts almost a year ago, on a night for the ages for Kyle Okposo that put the Islanders in first place.