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Bits o' Islanders News

New York Islanders news bits, rumors and hockey blade splinters.

Islanders News: Palms makes history, and the Isles are rolling

They need to keep it going, but what a week.

Islanders Gameday News: Due for a win against the Bruins

After getting some help in the race last night, the Islanders need to capitalize.

Islanders News: Still lots of ground to make up, but good work

On March 1, the Islanders are still alive.

Islanders Gameday News: Looking back at Leap Days of yore

Imagining things only happen on Leap Days really reduces the misery. A bit.

Islanders News: Barzal is trying to carry the team to the postseason

He’s been red hot. So have the Red Wings.

Islanders News: Confidence and stuff

The Islanders start the short trip off with a confidence-building win...they needed overtime again.

Islanders Gameday News: Mixing it all up

Patrick Roy is rethinking all the lines, and why not?

Islanders News: That’ll probably do it

Not eliminated yet—it’ll be a bit of time before that happens—but it would take a miracle to make the playoffs.

Islanders Gameday News/Game 57 Thread: Biggest game of the year?

So far it probably is, or at least the most consequential.

Islanders News: Playoffs looking less likely by the day

That’ll happen when your biggest innovation as a team is finding new and exciting ways to melt down.

Islanders vs. Blues Gameday: Cizikas out for special teams battle

If there are lots of penalties, there could be some comedy.

Islanders News: Resilience or salvage?

A little choose-your-own-adventure on the blog this morning.

Islanders Gameday News: An important trip

The Isles are burning through mulligans.

Islanders News: Come back inside now

Islanders Gameday News: It’s time to go outside

Unlike last time these two teams met outdoors, this game actually means something. The Isles need these points.

Islanders News: Sights and sounds from the MetLife ice

And the turf, too. No Achilles tears, thankfully.

Islanders News: First practice outside today

Let’s hope Sunday is the start of a big run.

Islanders Gameday News: Engvall to the Barzal-Horvat line

Over/under on how long it lasts?

Islanders News: Light schedule colors week before outdoor game

The Isles have a no-history foe on tap to try to gain two points before the outdoor game circus begins.

Islanders vs. Flames Gameday: Keepin’ it going’ [Game #52]

The Islanders host the Flames on a Saturday afternoon.

Islanders News: Cizikas is a full practice participant

Looks like he’ll be back in the lineup tomorrow night.

Islanders News: Eagles (not ducks) return from Toronto, broom in hand

The Islanders begin the season’s stretch run on the right hoof, er, foot. (Skate?)

Islanders Gameday News: Back in action, injuries healing, Roy takes aim

Also: Patrick Roy has time for Oliver Wahlstrom.

Islanders News: Barzal fifth in Skills, playing for home team today

Auston Matthews picked him on Thursday night.

Islanders News: Barzal late add to All-Star Skills

Jack Hughes can’t participate, so our All-Star will go in his stead.

Islanders News: Same place, new approach

Islanders Gameday News: Last game before the break, learning from Roy

Also, Parise will be going elsewhere.

Islanders News: Need to clean it up, and Roy knows it

The improvement in their overall play is noticeable, but the moronic mistakes remain.

Islanders Gameday News: Roy revisits Montreal as a deity, aims to shield Isles from the noise

The Islanders’ pre-All-Star sprint and evolution continues in Quebec.

Islanders News: No points but an encouraging effort

If the Isles play like that consistently, they will win a lot of hockey games.

Islanders Gameday News: Everybody loves Patrick

Seriously. The Isles are suddenly getting gobs of coverage because everyone loves this guy.

Islanders News: Adjustment to Roy begins right away, with morning skate and OT win

The Islanders were thrilled to win for their new coach, who is thrilled to get started.