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Bits o' Islanders News

New York Islanders news bits, rumors and hockey blade splinters.

Islanders News: Raty rolls at the WJC

That’s all we got from the weekend.

Islanders News: Räty, Dufour continue to produce at WJC

Also, Ilya Sorokin is stateside. Long Island–side, in fact.

Islanders News: William Dufour also enjoys Latvian cuisine

If this were at all legible you’d see what I meant.

Islanders News: Räty opens WJC with four-point night

Also, much ado about Kadri.

Islanders News: More Kadri talk, Fisherman report, Isles at the WJC

Another reporter says it’s just a matter of time before Nazem Kadri is announced as an Islander.

Islanders & NHL News: Quiet arbitration season resumes; appeal for Westfall’s 18

What, you were expecting more Kadri whispers?

Islanders & NHL News: Huberdeau signed in Calgary; Potvin missed the bus

Also, a little more about our favorite Great Dane.

Islanders News: So, Kadri really is an Islander?

That’s what the Internet says, and I believe everything I read on the Internet.

Islanders News: Replacing a new assistant coach with an even newer assistant coach

But how "new" is he? To the Islanders, very; to Lou Lamoriello, not at all.

Islanders & NHL News: Kadri ‘rumblings,’ Tkachuk-Huberdeau blockbuster disrupts Cottage Season

While things remain quiet with the Islanders, the ripples of an NHL blockbuster continue.

Islanders “News”: No news is no news, and there is no news

Still quiet around these parts. No banners yet. (That has to be the jinx word, right?)

Big NHLers on the Move Could Consider Islanders, but Probably Not

Could the Islanders fit a big fish into their cap? Maybe. Will they? Chances remain slim.

Islanders & NHL News: Calle Odelius agrees to ELC; 24 NHLers file for arbitration

Around the league, RFAs reach the next stage, while teams wait for Kadri.

Islanders News: Nothing to report

Not for the Islanders, at least. Not yet.

NHL Free Agency & Islanders News: 30 teams did something.

Lou? He’s probably working on something too.

Islanders do not sign Johnny Gaudreau, who is headed to Columbus Blue Jackets

You were expecting something different?

Islanders News: Free agency opens at noon

Johnny Gaudreau probably won’t sign here, so who else could the Isles go after?

Islanders News: Free Agency Eve; Gaudreau dreaming; unqualified offers

There’s no way, but we are bound to discuss if there could be a way.

Islanders News: Aho, Hutton return, Salo extended, UFA looms

The Islanders took care of some blueline depth business by extending their own aspiring AHL/NHL guys.

Islanders News: Hello, Alexander Romanov

In a surprise move, the Islanders traded their first-round pick to the host Canadiens for ‘‘The Tsar" and a fourth-round pick. Then, they made their picks on Day 2.

Islanders News: Lou speaks before NHL Draft Day, not worried about Sorokin

The first round is tonight, Lou told us the usual. But no concerns about Ilya.

New York Islanders 2022-23 Schedule Released

Few Sunday games, a few tough trips, but nothing too unusual. Thankfully.

Islanders News: New assistant coaches for us to pick apart

Also, some pre-draft reading and some concern about Sorokin.

Islanders & NHL News: Potential Dobson partners; draft and trade spec

Also: Will the Isles select their next Dobson in the draft?

Islanders & NHL News: Dufour’s next step; UFAs to avoid; McDonagh traded

NHL teams jockey for the draft and cap maneuvers ahead of the opening of free agency

Islanders News: Sorokin won the Fan Choice Award for best save; Gaudreau?

I mean, Sorokin absolutely robbed Panarin.

Islanders News: Dobson a prime offer sheet target; player movements beginning

Also, the Red Wings and Bruins have their coaches.

Islanders News: William Dufour, Memorial Cup champ and MVP; Preseason schedule

Also: LOTS of free agent buzz and one trade around the NHL

Islanders & NHL News: Belief in Lambert; Hall of Fame class announced

Another former Islander is named to the Hockey Hall of Fame. Or did you forget that part again?

Torch passed, 2021-22 NHL season ends with Colorado Avalanche Stanley Cup win

Next up: The draft is July 7-8, unrestricted free agency opens July 13.

Islanders & NHL Playoff News: William DuFOUR leads his team to the Memorial Cup Finals

The Isles’ 2020 fifth-round pick can’t stop scoring. Also, Game 6 of the Cup Final is tonight.

Islanders & NHL Playoff News: Trotz speaks, and the champs aren’t dead yet

The Lightning earned the right to come home for Game 6.