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Bits o' Islanders News

New York Islanders news bits, rumors and hockey blade splinters.

Islanders News: Destiny back in their control, but concern for Nelson

A statement 7-2 win over the Leafs puts the Isles firmly in the driver’s seat.

Islanders Gameday News: Bolduc recalled for Aho; scoreboard re-leaf

Who in October would have predicted Sebastian Aho could be an important loss?

Islanders News: Mission accomplished

Let’s bring it home, boys. Eleven games remain.

Islanders Gameday News: Take a bite out of the Sharks for two points

The two main competitors, Pittsburgh and Florida, have considerably tougher games tonight. Two points in San Jose are a must.

Islanders News: The challengers continue to get points, so NYI needs to TCOB

The Pens and Sens both lost, but our biggest threat, the Cats, won big.

Islanders News: Big night in Anaheim, goals galore on Gibson

After a scary start, the Islanders run up the score and take two must-have points from the Ducks.

Islanders Back-to-Back News: Need two points against the Ducks

No matter how they get them (although preferably in regulation).

Islanders Gameday News: Beat LA (please?)

The Islanders begin the California trip about five months late, if we’re being honest.

Islanders News: California swingin’

The Islanders head west with hopes of rebounding after a disappointing loss at home on Saturday.

Islanders Gameday News: Crush the Capitals

The Islanders can’t let Washington give them fits; they need to step on their throats and diminish their playoff hopes.

Islanders News: A different kind of Penguins sweep

It’s not as dire as 2019’s playoff sweep and elimination of the Pens, but the regular-season sweep certainly is consequential.

Islanders Gameday News: An even bigger wild card tilt in Pittsburgh

The Islanders visit Pittsburgh to close the season series and continue the wild card battle.

Islanders News: Another massive win in a big week

This stretch presents new "biggest games of the year" every night.

Islanders Gameday News: Pageau nears return, Sabres visit after loss to Oilers

The Islanders have a big tilt with wild card stakes, which is a thing in today’s NHL.

Islanders News: Scoreboard watching

The Islanders continue to wait for wild card foes to catch up (in games played, that is; hopefully not in points).

Islanders News: Riding that structure to wins and points

Their Math is getting better with every win, the latest a huge one in regulation over the Red Wings.

Islanders Gameday News/Game 65 Thread: Quiet deadline day for the Isles, but they made their moves

Acquiring the best or second-best player on the market in January means they did their business.

Islanders News: Trade deadline day

The big names have been dealt, but there remain some options.

Islanders News: Trade deadline countdown

The Islanders have a little extra time between games while the rest of the division catches up.

Islanders News: Engvall in, and now we wait for more

The Islanders earned a crucial point in last night’s shootout loss to the Wild and added a player earlier in the day.

Islanders Gameday News: Wildly optimistic

The Islanders continue their strange, up-and-down, negative-four-games-in-hand parade.

Islanders News: Jets swept; Trotz to succeed Poile in Nashville; NHL trades galore

The Islanders beat the Jets again while fellow wild card chasers keep pace.

Islanders Gameday News and Game 63 Thread: Winnie and the Jets

The Islanders will try to put the "win" in Winnipeg this afternoon.

Islanders News: Kings send Isles to the road on a losing note

Despite a foe on a back-to-back, and a backup goalie, you know the drill.

Islanders Gameday News: Kings visit, as wild card foes falter

Also: The Capitals not only lose again, they wave the white flag in a trade to the Bruins.

Islanders News: Depleted squad gets two points from Winnipeg, courtesy of Sweden

And Ilya Sorokin, of course. Hey, the Isles are actually pretty hot right now.

Islanders Gameday News: The Isles have “belief” that they can make a run

The Barzal injury makes for tough sledding, but with Sorokin, anything is possible.

Islanders News: Sorokin, Nelson toy with Penguins tears

Also: Ross Johnston has fun with "camaraderie" as the Islanders steal regulation wins from the Pens for the second time in four days.

Islanders Gameday News: Durandeau recalled as Isles limp into Pittsburgh

A match between two struggling teams may be missing Pageau, Bailey and now (in)definitely Barzal.

Islanders Back-to-Back News: A huge regulation win, and right back at it

They do seem to wake up for the tough ones.

Islanders Gameday News: Need to beat the Penguins, ideally in regulation

They’ll have to do so without J-G Pageau.

Islanders News: Waiting for the miracle to come

Big games ahead, which should be much tougher than the three games they just lost.