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islanders Fire Jack Capuano

The Islanders have relieved head coach Jack Capuano of his duties

Islanders Look to Doug Weight for ‘spark,’ puck management decisions

The players prep for a different voice after Capuano

Zeitgeist: Affleck to direct & star in movie about Jack Capuano

EXCLUSIVE! The two-time Oscar takes on his most dynamic role yet: coach of the Islanders. [humor]

Garth’s next boss: What does a team president actually do?

Firing Jack Capuano is only the first step in the Islanders’ restructuring. Next might be a person to oversee the whole operation.

Jack Capuano: An Uncommon Coach for the Common Player

Jack Capuano wasn’t like other NHL coaches, which is why the Islanders needed to move on.

Post-Capuano, Snow feeling the heat, Islanders evaluating for summer

Newsday’s Islanders beatwriter Arthur Staple and NHL Network discussed what’s next for the franchise

Garth Snow on Capuano Firing: Team performance is ‘100 percent on me’

The team GM suggested it was an organizational decision, conceded coaches always take the fall.

Capuano Firing: What was the final straw for New York Islanders management?

Initial reactions and speculation on the Islanders’ decision to move on

Islanders fire Jack Capuano; Doug Weight named interim coach

Halfway through a disappointing season, the Isles part with the second-longest tenured coach in franchise history.