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Islanders Hockey What If?

Imagining how major events in hockey history could have turned out differently.

Snow Never Came - An Alternate History for the NY Islanders

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Pool: Who makes the Isles roster?

Make your guess on what the Islanders roster will be for their first game. Submit by Friday.

CBA Musing: Would Amnesty Spell End of DiPietro?

If the new NHL CBA includes a contract amnesty clause, would it spell the end of Rick DiPietro's time with the Islanders?

Game Recap: Preseason Crisis on Parallel Earths!

While their game in this dimension was canceled due to the lockout, on the parallel Earth-Z, the Islanders and Devils did play a pre-season game at Barclays Center on October 2, 2012. Via the miracle of time travel, here is the recap and box score.

Isles Fans Preview Brooklyn: Wait...Nope

New York Islanders fans waited all summer long to check out hockey at the Barclays Center. Thanks to the incompetent blowhards who run the league and NHLPA, they will now wait much, much longer.

Islanders Hockey What If? Bowtie Bill Torrey Sticks Around

Bill Torrey still plays a role with the Florida Panthers today. What if the "Gang of Four" owners never sent him packing from the New York Islanders?

Dreaming of an Islanders Winter Classic

Taking a long look at what a New York based, Yankee Stadium hosted Winter Classic could look like.

Islanders Hockey What If? Sedin Island

Playing What If: What if Mike Milbury, with four first-rounders in the 1999 NHL draft, had outmaneuvered Brian Burke to take the Sedin twins instead?

SBN/NHL Mock Expansion: the re-alignment assignment

In a dream world where the NHL expanded back to WHA relics Quebec and Winnipeg, where would the new teams fit?

The SBN/NHL Mock Expansion: Q-Q-Q-Quebec and the Jets

Mock NHL Expansion Draft: Islanders protected list

Thought exercise: If the NHL expanded this summer, which Islanders would be left unprotected in an expansion draft?

Hockey What If? The Dale Hunter Hit