THN top 10 prospects for the 2011 draft


Some more info to digest as we spend the next 2 months figuring out who should be added to TEH CORE.

Newsday's Staple Did Vote On Season Awards


This is his ballot, choices, and an explanation of why he chose to vote despite the boycott by the local chapters of the PHWA. My personal opinion is that he chose the professional course in this matter. Who knows if the outcome would have been different if he was present for the vote, but I would bet that he received some pressure from his brethren. Kudos Mr. Staple.

Capuano to Remain as Isles Head Coach: (Strang/Newsday)


"Assistant coaches Dean Chynoweth and Scott Allen are both expected to return; the Islanders are also considering bringing Doug Weight into the coaching fold if he retires." Link to team release:

Cappy loses "interim" tag


Isles give Cappy a contract, terms undisclosed. Well deserved. He took a potentially historically futile team and created buzz, hope and excitement. Their play under Cappy has been inspired and it has been a lot of fun watching this team grow and bond with him. Can't wait until next season.

Tomorrow Night


Word just down from the league. The Islanders' lottery balls have been suspended indefinitely, effective immeadiately.

Final 2011 draft CSS rankings


Dougie Hamilton jumps to 4th for NA Skaters. My money is still on him being the pick if we do not win the lottery. The Nuge is now #1. Couturier falls to #6.

"We know it's not a crooked league, but the point is there is a bias," said the 40-year-old...


"We know it's not a crooked league, but the point is there is a bias," said the 40-year-old veteran, who was limited to 18 games this season because of a back injury. Weight believes the Islanders' relative inexperience and spot in the standings were factors in the unfair treatment. "It was pretty evident that the games in [the officials'] minds weren't important to us," said Weight, who spent four games behind the bench. Weight thought the Islanders' involvement in February's Friday Night FightFest against the Penguins at Nassau Coliseum two months ago was held against them.

>>Doug Weight talking about awful officiating in Newsday [$5 please]

The DiPietro Audio and the rest from "Breakdown Day"


Newsday's Katie Strang reported earlier today DiPietro bristled when confronted with questions about his place on the goaltending depth chart, but both Montoya and Poulin are expected to push him for the starting spot next year. "The 29-year-old feigned confusion when asked about his competition in training camp, asking "Who are we talking about here?," but the numbers make it abundantly clear. Montoya led the team in wins with a record of 9-5-5 and finished with a save percentage of .921 and 2.39 goals against average. Before a freak injury in warm-ups ended his season in February, Poulin posted a GAA of 2.44 and save percentage of.924. DiPietro finished last in the league in GAA ( 3.44 ) among all goaltenders with 25 games or more and second to last with a .886 save percentage." To me, the audio does not sound overly harsh, but DP becomes hushed in response to the previous question...which was similar. This is out of character for Katie Strang who is generally very conservative in Islander criticism. Make no mistake, while Chris Botta did write a story on this for IPB, the original was not his doing. Additional interesting answers from PA Parenteau on the differences between Gordon and Capuano and Haley and Gillies were good as well. I have not listened to all of them. What do you think?

The Flashlight Episode 1


Keith and Mark (Webbard) talk on Islander related topics and hockey. In order: The Islanders last three games The remaining Islander Free Agents Was the Islanders 2nd half a mirage? (Joined by Mike from LHH during this discussion) Jack Capuano's future Some talk at the end about Dale Hunter and the Hall of Fame, also talking about Lindros, Yashin and Bure's chances of making the hall. Download The MP3