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Awful Hockey Card Art

Where Were You the Day Wayne Gretzky was Traded?

Looking back at a different time in sports history.

[Bits] Let's play two; Sharks/Stars swap; Vaske

The New York Islanders have no time to celebrate their dramatic win over the Penguins; the teams are back at it Saturday night.

Fisherman Shall Return...for Charity

It's easily the most hated jersey in New York Islanders history and commonly seen as a mistake around the NHL, but there's a way to acknowledge it in the final season at Nassau Coliseum.

Awful Hockey Card Art: Defacing Chico, Disgracing the Whale

It's summer, which means it's time for more Awful Hockey Card Art: Enter Chico Resch as a Flyer, Dave Barr as a Whaler.

Awful Hockey Card Art: Pat Verbeek, 89-90 Whalers

Continuing the Awful Hockey Card Art series: Pat Verbeek's painted on Whalers uniform from his 1989-90 Topps card.

Awful Hockey Card Art: The Warren Young Incident

The 1986-87 O-Pee-Chee hockey card set contained many wonderfully bad paint jobs like these on Warren Young, Cam Neely and Chico Resch.

Awful Hockey Card Art: 1989-90 Marc Habscheid, Andrew McBain

Exploring awful paint jobs in hockey card history, such as when Topps/OPC painted a velvet drapery on Red Wing Marc Habscheid.

Awful Hockey Card Art: Randy Cunneyworth, 89-90 Jets

Awful Hockey Card Art: Exploring the hilarious world of hockey card touch-ups, starting with one-time Winnipeg Jet Randy Cunneyworth's 1989-90 Topps card.