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Islanders Anxiety - Episode 277 - A Carnival of Schadenfreude

It was a big week for empty net goals (which the Islanders still do not have).

Mike and Dan look back at an eventful week for the Islanders and elsewhere, with big wins, a frustrating loss, controversies up north and maybe some light tax evasion.

They start with Saturday’s sleepy loss to Calgary, another missed opportunity for a team that can’t afford any, and how things could have been worse if not for a friendly out-of-town scoreboard. Then they go back to electric wins of the Lightning and Leafs last week that had us believing in Patrick Roy and Patrick Roy loving his new favorite “heart people.” There’s still time, but it gets shorter every day for Roy and the Islanders, and seems all but up for one player.

In the second half, they look ahead to a suddenly important game against the inconsistent Kraken and then Sunday’s Stadium Series tilt against the Rangers. With the Islanders needing every point they can get, the spectacle of the big outdoor stage is all but lost on us. Let’s hope it’s memorable in a good way.

Finally, they get to the madness emanating from Toronto - between the Leafs captain’s battle with the Canadian IRS, to disrespectful empty net goals to a little blindside cross checking between rivals, it’s a lot and had to be memorialized with a new edition of Master Leaf Theatre.

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  • This was a classic. Thank you.
  • The old “you haven’t played” defense. Another classic.
  • I was going to include it but we went long. For an extra dose of fun, watch the Sportsnet panel discussing the Rielly hit on Grieg. Shoutout Islanders legend Kelly Hrudey for keeping it real.

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