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Patrick Roy aims to restore consistency, fan pride, build off ‘family culture’ of Islanders

Also: He remembers the Coliseum fondly, so there.

Colorado Avalanche v New York Islanders
“You watch! One day I’ll come back here and I’ll show you all.”

Patrick Roy shared his impressions of the New York Islanders team he has just been hired to coach, in the first public remarks from Roy and GM Lou Lamoriello, who announced the firing of Lane Lambert on Saturday.

Presumably the Islanders will post video of the not-publicly-streamed presser afterward [Update: here’s the full video]; in the meantime, reporters invited to observe and ask questions kindly tweeted out some choice nuggets.

Has Roy changed since Colorado?

One of the most surprising things about the choice of Roy is that he left his last (and only) NHL job after a reported dispute over say in personnel — an absolute non-starter with the Lou Lamoriello we know. Roy immediately dispelled that question, per Andrew Gross of Newsday: “Zero interest in management. And that’s first thing I told Lou.”

Roy also addressed his fiery and confrontational demeanor a decade ago — which seemed like a straight translation of how he was as a player — and whether he’s evolved:

For what it’s worth, Roy’s Memorial Cup champion squad in Quebec was said to be really well structured.

Why Roy said yes to the Isles

As for the Isles, Roy talked about the culture that attracted him to the job, and seeing some strengths that he thinks the team can build on, such as its togetherness and its performance in some select games, like the most recent OT win over the Leafs.

It sounded like he’s impressed by Lou Lamoriello, too.

Lou on why now, and why Roy

Oh, and Lou on finally making the decision to let go of Lambert:

Supposedly Roy is the only candidate Lou was interested. Not exactly a nationwide search.

Meat for the masses

Roy is always good for some passionate, pump-you-up quotes. His opening presser was no different.

For the youngsters out there, Lamoriello forged his reputation as GM of the New Jersey Devils, who won three Stanley Cups 20+ years ago but lost in the 2001 finals to a team backstopped by Roy in net: