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Islanders News: Let’s evaluate some kids before we send them back to wherever

Also: Josh Bailey says farewell and thank you, and see you at the grocery store.

Phoenix Coyotes v New York Islanders
No matter what, dude was always classy.

Today begins Islanders “rookie” (or just ELC) camp, so yay for the kids even though there are no job openings on the roster and everyone will be sent back to juniors/Bridgeport.

Islanders News

  • All that said, here are seven players to watch, kind of, in prospect camp. [THN]
  • Josh Bailey says goodbye and thank you (and also: I’m not going anywhere) to Long Island in the most Josh Bailey way possible: General thanks and genuine sentiment, little specifics other than he heard you, he heard you every time. [Players’ Tribune]
  • Are you really ready to do this shit again? For six months or more? Dan and Mike say yes. Bossy bless him, Mike misses the “tossing and turning.” I suspect many of you were briefly invested in the fate of Aaron Rodgers,, more pain beckons! (I can confidently say I’ve made fewer better decisions in my life than when I abandoned the NFL and recaptured glorious, peaceful fall Sundays, but I get it if you’re still addicted.) [Islanders Anxiety podcast]
  • Nobody is comparing Zach Parise to Jason Giambi, except this guy. [Post]
  • The Isles announced Isaiah George has signed his ELC. [Isles]
  • Before there was Hrudey, there was George Maneluk. [Maven’s Memories]


  • Good lord, the Toronto echo-sphere is heavily invested in Matthew Knies becoming a big deal. [TSN]
  • With the new wave of young future stars, who inspired them/are their idols? [ESPN]
  • Ilya Samsonov reveals a CuJo-inspired mask, and surely he’ll eventually be abandoned by the Leafs just as Curtis Joseph (who couldn’t stop Shawn Bates on a penalty shot) was. [TSN]
  • Brady Tkachuk hopes the Senators can do what his brother’s Panthers did, but...well good luck with that. [NHL]
  • Keith “much poorer writer than Jamaica” Kinkaid is back with the Devils. [TSN]
  • Plans for the World Cup in 2025 have been scaled back, in part due to that whole “Russia has unilaterally decided to attack its neighbor” thing. [TSN]
  • The Stanley Cup is part of the Down Under tour. [NHL]
  • The Flames have a bunch of pending free agents, and GM Craig Conroy says Noah Hanifin is still open to staying, even though he’s not signing now. [TSN] Elias Lindholm too. [NHL]
  • About that situation: The Flames’ future is cloudy. [Sportsnet]