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Islanders & NHL News: Lou’s ‘extremely excited,’ Price ‘at peace’

Rookie camp begins in a couple of days, and Lou beep-boop-bop.

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Carolina Hurricanes v New York Islanders - Game Four
After so many battles, now enjoying time with family.
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

New York Islanders GM Lou Lamoriello Monday spoke publicly (to media), as he occasionally deigns to do, and said all the things you expect Lou to say.

He’s “extremely excited” about the team. He believes in the roster. He’s always looking to make the team better. (I maybe made that last part up, except really I didn’t, because that one is an S.O.P. line as it was in the Snow era.)

There were a few updates though. After a really, really dry offseason, I guess we’ll take it.

Islanders News

  • “Extremely excited” for rookie camp to begin Thursday, Lou is. [Newsday]
  • Alex Romanov is progressing and if he’s not ready for the start of the season, he’ll be close. He’d play with two broken legs if he could, Lou said, which is actually a think most NHL teams would probably allow even in 2023. [NHL | Newsday]
  • Zach Parise is still with family, won’t be attending camp, but the “door is always open.” Maybe he’ll do a Glenn Anderson thing, except without the fall Carribean vacation part. [Newsday | Post]
  • Rookie camp is inclusive of anyone on an ELC plus draft picks. Can some of these guys fight for a spot on an already packed roster? [Newsday]
  • The Bridgeport Sound Tigers Islanders arena will be home to a sports betting location. Hooray for late-stage capitalism! [CT Post]


  • Kill your Tomas Steak Tatar dreams, that guy has signed with the Avalanche. [NHL]
  • Quinn Hughes has been named captain of the Canucks. He succeeds Bo Horvat, who is a person of interest for us. [NHL]
  • Horvat, for one, is happy for Hughes and thinks he’ll do great. Sure hope Lou is okay with him speaking about another team and former teammate! [Sportsnet]
  • In Chicago, Seth Jones wants to be next captain. Maybe he’ll get his wish briefly before they hand it over to their #1 overall pick at age 20 or something. [NHL]
  • The Spittin’ Chicklets podcast, which — let’s be honest — is of dubious credibility and reputation with lots of Baaaahhhhston-style blowhardedness, lambasted Mike Babcock for having Blue Jackets players share family photos from their phone in one-on-one meetings. Babcock and Boone Jenner (specifically named by Biz “I sort of had an NHL career and I vaguely know that being outrageous keeps me on the air” Nasty) fired back. The reality is probably in the middle. Babcock is a coach with a detestable history trying to rehabilitate his image, and Biz is a non-factor ex-player trying to maintain relevance as a talking head; it’s like watching two assholes fight. [CBC | Blue Jackets]
  • The NHL and NHLPA are investigating. [Sportsnet] Johnny Gaudreau says it was normal and is bummed it was blown out of proportion by a vodka-shilling podcast. [Sportsnet]
  • The first NHL games in Australia is a “great opportunity” to show them a different kind of violence, and make really bad Down Under puns. (“Kangaroo-kicking the puck out is Brodeur!” Doc Emrick would tediously say.) [NHL]
  • Carey Price “seems at peace” with beginning the rest of his life without being an NHL goalie. [Athletic]
  • The NHL hasn’t ruled out expanding to Atlanta for a third time, and this is not a mystery, right? The last time was ruined by ownership in-fighting. That metro area draws 40-50,000 fans to an MLS team inside an NFL stadium with artificial turf, okay? I’m as Nordiques-nostalgic as they come, but Atlanta might just be a place that a multi-billion-dollar league doesn’t want to rule out. [Post]
  • Mikael Backlund isn’t committing, but he remains open to maybe staying with the Flames after this coming season. [Sportsnet]
  • Torey Krug, who used his NTC to block an offseason trade to the Flyers, will miss the start of camp for the Blues with a foot injury. He was good with the Blues when healthy, but injuries have put him into that fan-scapegoat category. [NHL]
  • For their centennial season, the Bruins announce 100 “historic” players from franchise history. They may need that diversion as their window closes. [NHL]