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Islanders & NHL News: If you had a do-over...

It’s time for a couple of random questions.

A careless trade, a needless sinking
Photo by Scott Levy/Getty Images

Howdy folks! There are a lot of debatable decisions in New York Islanders history, and then there are some instantly regrettable ones.

In lieu of actual Islanders news today, I pose a question or two for you to address in comments:

1. If you could undo or do over one move in Islanders history, what would it be? Maybe it was the John Tonelli trade or the Pierre Turgeon trade or the Roberto Luongo trade or naming Alexei Yashin or signing Andrew Ladd or letting Frans walk.

2. If you could rename this site, what would it be? A little while after I founded this site in 2008 (ye gods!), the Lighthouse Project fell through and I got some questions like “Are you going to change the name now?” and all that. But the name was chosen more to reflect something Long Island (I still love our original site logo) as well as playing off the Fisherman-era shoulder patch that embraced the maritime theme. That said, if you had it to do over for me today, what site name would you choose? Asking just for summer giggles.

Islanders ‘News’

Speaking of do-overs, have you checked out the Islanders’ display of their team pictures since their inception? It’s pretty awesome in its own right — and it’s also a jarring reminder (see 1995-96) of how incredibly stupid the Fisherman logo switch was. We can laugh about it now, we can even buy Fisherman merchandise in an ironic retro way, but that whole thing should have been a third jersey design, not a complete overhaul of the visual identity of the last NHL dynasty.

Stan Fischler puts himself in Zach Parise’s shoes and wonders which way he’ll go. [THN]

Is This Real Life?

I would say “only on Long Island” about this lawsuit but actually no, no this is neighborhood and NIMBY relations in any village in Our Dumb Country and Our Dumb World. [Horvat sued for excessive fill]

One more poll for honest answer was Freddy Meyer IV:


Seriously, there is no hockey news. It’s so bare out there, random rants about William Nylander are what trend on Twitter, er whatever the fux it’s called now.

  • That said, the Lightning signed Brandon Hagel to a long-term deal (8 years, $52 million). [NHL]
  • At the other end of the term and salary spectrum, Joe Veleno signed with the Wings for one year, $825,000. [NHL]