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NHL News: July is ending

New York Islanders v New York Rangers
Happy 31st (of July)
Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

It’s been quiet around here (except for in comments) so we’re due for, if nothing else, at least a fresh post.

But the NHL and Islanders news is still slow and almost non-existent as July comes to a close. The month began with a bang, the usual free agent frenzy. But things slowed quickly after the Islanders pretty much re-signed everyone. (I refuse to use “run it back.” Don’t know how that phrase came into sudden overuse, though it seemed to take off when the Leafs decided not to change things after one of their recent failures.)

If we’re reaching for news, the U.S.-hosted World Junior Summer Showcase with Sweden and Finland is underway, and the Islanders have a few prospects involved like Danny Nelson, Zach Shulz, Quinn Finley), but let’s not go interrupting lunch with summer scrimmage reports.

In celebration of the 31st day of July, however, let’s roll a classic clip of #31:

Meanwhile, around the NHL:

  • Vladimir Tarasenko found a home in Ottawa, though just for one year, with one of the teams he was rumored to be exploring a multi-year deal with before he fired his agent. The main takeaway here is that Rangers fans are upset.
  • For the Senators, it’s a sensible move after losing Alex DeBrincat to homesickness. [Sportsnet]
  • Logan Cooley, who originally said he was staying in college after the Coyotes’ failed arena vote, has changed his mind and signed his ELC after all. [TSN]
  • Offseason reset: The Knights make no signings, but hope to repeat, etc., after dealing another original Knight away. [NHL]
  • Ivan Fedotov missed a season due to military service for Russia (the poor bastard), so the Flyers want to toll his contract to get back that year, and he’s ready to accept whatever the IIHF decides. [TSN]
  • Somehow the Leafs are able to declare that Matt Murray will start the season on LTIR, even though he and his coach pronounced him healthy and ready to go at season’s end. In a completely unrelated bit of trivia, a buyout would’ve cost the Leafs more against the cap than they can afford. [Sportsnet]