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Islanders Anxiety - Episode 253 - Worst Sweepstakes Ever

Someone is gonna make a huge mistake this summer. Let’s hope it’s not the Islanders.

Mike and Dan talk about Lou Lamoriello’s press conference, trades they’d like to see, the Stanley Cup final and a potpourri of topics.

After taking a quick look at the Golden Knights championship (and a cynical look at the coverage surrounding it), the hosts discuss some of the more notable quotes from the presser that touched on Josh Bailey’s future, the Islanders’ unrestricted free agents and how the season ended. Lamoriello was slightly less cryptic than usual but that doesn’t mean we have any idea what’s going to happen this offseason. They also mention the addition of former NHL exec John Collins to the front office.

In the second half, they talk about how the Islanders can acquire a couple of pricy stars, what the perfect Long Island sendoff for Bailey would be, and the upcoming NHL Entry Draft, Stay tuned for info about a possible live stream we’ll try to host for the first round.


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