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Islanders News: None yet. But oh hey, the Panthers have the Leafs on the brink

Even when there’s nothing yet breaking in Islanders Country, there are always other teams to mock.

Carolina Hurricanes v New York Islanders - Game Three
We’ll just keep circling the rink...
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

It has been 10 days since your New York Islanders were knocked out of the playoffs. Do you know where your general manager and coach are?

(If it helps, the Rangers don’t know where their coach is...because they fired mutually parted with him.)

The Isles aren’t part of this either, but as a reminder, the illegitimate awarding of Connor Bedard to the Penguins* NHL Draft Lottery is tonight.

*Note: all strikethrough sarcasm is to be taken with a facetious grain of salt, but to be clear: lottery winners can only move up 10 slots. It will take a papal edict for Bedard to go to the Pens.

Islanders-ish Reading

  • These are not new options, but in the absence of word from the team, a rundown of the alignments the future (and present?) Islanders brass could take going forward. [THN]
  • For a new coach (more on that below), Larry Brooks says the Rangers should consider their internal AHL candidate. Also: “If the Rangers underachieved, if the Bruins underachieved, I don’t think the Islanders did. Indeed, in [a first-round-exit] the Islanders probably hit their ceiling.” [Post]


Yesterday in the playoffs, the Devils stormed back into the series with a big home win over the Hurricanes, and the Kraken stomped the Stars, while the Maple Leafs...wait for it...wait for it...teehee, they lost early in overtime on a Sam Reinhart wraparound to fall behind 3-0 in the series to the Panthers. As Mrs. Lighthouse remarked last night, “Damn, your schadenfreude is strong.” Yes, yes it is. The entitlement surrounding that franchise makes every defeat deeeee-licious.

  • Goalie Ilya Samsonov was knocked out of Game 3, a victim of friendly fire by a sliding Luke Schenn. The Leafs were up 1-0 at the time. [TSN]
  • Through the first two games, the Leafs had seven power plays to the Panthers’ two, which Sheldon Keefe felt was absolutely appropriate. [TSN] After Game 3, when answering questions about his offensive stars, he noted multiple times that they didn’t have any power plays. Sorry, pal.
  • The Devils were up 4-0 by early in the second period of Game 3, and perhaps it because they were making the “gritty” plays they hadn’t made in Games 1 and 2. [Sportsnet]
  • The Smurfs and Gerard Gallant have “mutually parted” but Joel Quenneville will not be pursued as a replacement. [Post]
  • Patrik Laine will miss the World Championship due to the same injury that had him miss the final 12 games of the season. [TSN]