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Islanders News: Scoreboard watch and pray

The Islanders are idle, while the Penguins and Panthers are set to catch up on games played — but hopefully not points.

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New York Islanders v Pittsburgh Penguins
Sure would be a shame to see you guys trip up tonight...
Photo by Joe Sargent/NHLI via Getty Images

Did you know you got to pray just to make it today?

Yeah, a guy talked about that once. He was a Hammer — not Travis Hamonic, though he’d likely agree — but rather MC Hammer.

I’d argue against the record-buying masses to say it actually wasn’t a very good song, even though it was somehow a big hit. To me, it contained the first signs that the downhill slope of his career was near. (But he had to do “2 Legit 2 Quit” first.) Eh, oh well! Maybe it will be a terrible earworm for you tonight as you scoreboard watch. And pray.

The Panthers are in action at home against the Sabres, who still have sort of a chance in the wild card race. The Penguins are in Newark to face the Devils, who have a division title to play for.

After tonight, the three top wild contenders will all have 78 games played.

Islanders News

  • In the latest Islanders Anxiety podcast, Dan and Mike try to remain rational, which isn’t easy at a time like this (unless you’re a cold, unfeeling sports fan such as myself). [LHH]
  • This break until Thursday’s meeting with the Lightning is a chance to regroup, and possibly to get healthier for guys like Alex Romanov, who suffered from Corey Perry’s latest d-bag moment. [THN]
  • Romanov’s injury did not come at a great time. [Post]
  • The grip on the playoff spot, it has slipped. [Newsday]
  • But be reassured: They will continue to work on their terrible power play. [Post]
  • Prospect Report: The CHL playoffs are underway, while NCAA Wisconsin-bound Quinn Finley continues to produce in the USHL. [Isles]
  • 10 players to watch in the remaining tight playoff races, including Bo Horvat. [Sportsnet]
  • Not hockey but: Sounds like more work for Brendan Burke, set to call something known as “baseball” for Peacock. [Newsday]


There were three games last night, but all were in the West so whatever. Minnesota lost but clinched. The Predators lost big, though not as big as the Coyotes.

  • Five questions entering the NHL’s final Central Scouting meetings, which don’t affect the Isles much because we trade all the picks. [NHL]
  • Dog bites man, the Canucks miss the playoffs again. [NHL]
  • Why do NHL fighters make good coaches, scouts, analysts etc.? Honestly, the most striking one to me is Stu Grimson, who was a fierce beast on the ice and is this measured, trim, insightful analyst on NHL Network (and elsewhere, apparently). [Athletic]
  • Son of Briere has been kicked off his second NCAA hockey team. (Which makes him a great candidate to start a podcast to whine about “cancel culture,” the modern replacement for “You mean there can be professional consequences for my stupid public actions?!”) [TSN]
  • The Senators’ pending elimination puts them into the “What if...?” phase of the season. Sure hope we don’t join them. [Sportsnet]