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Carolina Hurricanes at New York Islanders [Round 1, Game 4 thread]

The Islanders need to even the series, else they’ll head back to Carolina with the season on the line.

Carolina Hurricanes v New York Islanders - Game Three
Let’s do more of that.
Photo by Josh Lobel/NHLI via Getty Images

The second game in Elmont is a golden chance for the Islanders to make this a thrilling series. Outside of the final three-plus minutes of Game 3, it’s been a tight, one-goal tug-of-war all the way through.

Hard to imagine that will change for today’s Game 4, a 1:00 (ish) EDT start.

No change in goal for the Hurricanes (and why would they?), but the removal of a former Ranger:

Same lineup, as expected, for the Islanders: