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Islanders Gameday News: In D.C. for another big one

The must-wins just keep coming.

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New York Islanders v Washington Capitals
Missing you though.
Photo by Dennis DaSilva/NHLI via Getty Images

The New York Islanders need another result today, and another win in D.C. against the playoff bystander Washington Capitals.

It should all be very achievable if the offense continues its recent form (hopeful but dicey) and/or if Ilya Sorokin continues his Vezina form (a better bet, that). Last time in Washington was no walk in the park, though the Isles did pick up two points through their first and still only shootout win of the season.

They could use a regulation win tonight, in order to take that tie-breaking advantage away from the Panthers. But really, that’s luxury: The priority is two points, any way you can get them, please.

The Panthers will be in action at the same time, at home to the Maple Leafs. The Penguins wait until tomorrow to get back in action, an easy game at home vs. the supertanker Blackhawks.

First Islanders Goal picks for tonight go here.

For some good vibes, enjoy highlights of the Islanders sending the Capitals packing in the 2020 Bubble playoffs:

Islanders News

  • More good vibes, specific to This Day in History: Ken Morrow clinches vs. the Rangers, and Josh Bailey dumps the Penguins in OT. [Isles]
  • Wth the Panthers and Penguins winning with regularity, the Islanders cannot count on any help to get themselves over the playoff line. [Post]
  • Continuing on without Alex Romanov, Samuel Bolduc and the rest of the defense are contributing and holding the fort. (It helps to have Sorokin Insurance.) [Athletic | Newsday]
  • Good time for Bo Horvat and Simon Holmstrom to be clicking. [THN]
  • Oh, how about one more for the vibe train: Stan Fischler relives the Easter Epic, 1987 Game 7 win over the Capitals in quadruple overtime. [THN]


Last night’s NHL scores didn’t really matter, except the Avalanche’s OT win put them in first in the Central, and the Bruins’ win gave them some kind of record, albeit in the modern “every game has a winner” era.

  • In addition to the wins record, it was another hat trick and 60 goals on the season for David Pastrnak, who is good. [NHL | TSN]
  • The Capitals are coming off an Ovechkin-less (and 17-skater) night where they could’ve played spoilers against the Panthers, but annoyingly did not. (Hopefully that failure persists tonight.) [Athletic]
  • As expected, Jonathan Toews is treating these games as his last in Chicago. [NHL]
  • As expected, the third Hughes (Luke) has left the NCAA to sign with New Jersey. [NHL]
  • Fellow NCAA kid Brock Faber has signed with the Wild. He was acquired from L.A. in the Kevin Fiala trade. [TSN]
  • And as expected, NCAA Minnesota’s Matthew Knies has signed with the Leafs, and they’re all excited and stuff. [TSN]
  • Alas, the Leafs’ Matt Murray remains sidelined. [TSN]
  • Various thoughts on playoff chasers and awards candidates, including Sorokin for the Vezina. [Sportsnet]
  • Connor McDavid discusses maturing, Wayne Gretzky, other stuff. [NHL]