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Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Episode 25 - Derick Brassard (with guest @RattMartin)

A center who couldn’t play center but who somehow became a major part of a playoff buzzsaw.

Joined by Ryan, aka RattMartin of the Skates at the Stakes podcast, Mike and Dan remember Derick Brassard, a recent Weird Islander who went from hated to beloved to forgotten in the span of just a few seasons.

After starring on a few very good Rangers team, Brassard entered the wilderness, where he played for what seemed like a different team every six months. He landed with the Islanders as a replacement depth center and after months of searching for a role, settled into a slot on the wing where he played a key role in the team’s run to the semifinals in the bubble tournament.

He has gone onto play for a few other teams since leaving Long Island, and has now surpassed the 1,000 games mark in his return engagement with the Ottawa Senators.

Ryan talks about his memories of Brassard’s short time with the Islanders, his mythical status within his friend group and how that bubble team all had their signature moments that will live on forever.

Thanks again to Ryan for coming on. You can follow him at @RattMartin on Twitter and definitely check out Skates at the Stakes with him, AJ and Jake. They do a great job and offer a very informed but energetic take on the Islanders’ current goings on.


  • And assisted on a few, too.

What makes a “Weird Islander?”

We’re always open to suggestions about other Weird Islanders to discuss. Remember the criteria. Candidates must fulfill one of the two of the following:

  • Played one (1) season or less for the Islanders or very short stints over multiple seasons.
  • Be a veteran NHLer who is not generally associated with his time on Islanders.

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