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Islanders Anxiety - Episode 237 - Chewing at My Insides

You made Shakira watch that?

Islanders Anxiety Art

Mike and Dan look back at a week that put the Islanders in good position, and ahead towards the California trip that could ruin everything.

First, they revel over a rare “signature win” that helped derail everyone’s favorite wild card hopeful. The victory over the Sabres was the Islanders in their purest form, getting cheers for red line dump-ins from a fanbase that finds them anything but boring, despite how they’re treated by the talking heads we’re forced to deal with. They also look at another hilarious win over the Penguins that exposed how flawed that team is, despite its delusions about itself and its history.

In the second half, they preview a swing on the West Coast that could be doom, the scheduling conspiracy theory working against the Islanders, and the hard shifts we’ll have to put in just to watch them this week. Forget the coffee and take some deep breaths.

Finally, they discuss the Flyers and the orange-robed council of elders that actually runs them.


  • Shakira didn’t deserve that.
  • MJF might but he’s still better than you (and you know it)

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