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Islanders Anxiety - Episode 235 - A Big Week for Belief

Feels like maybe Icarus is flying a little too close to the sun...

Islanders Anxiety Art

Mike and Dan look back at the Islanders’ three big wins last week and look ahead at the NHL trade deadline while it’s actively happening. With victories over the Penguins and Jets, the Islanders re-established themselves as a playoff contender and actually managed to look like their old selves for one of the few times all season. That they melted a few Pittsburgh beat writer brains made it even more fun. But their makeshift lineup won’t cut it for too long, and despite already having Bo Horvat, they’ll need some pickups.

The second half is dedicated to this week’s trade deadline. Names like Timo Meier and Patrick Kane are either already or almost gone but there are some players out there that might help the Islanders get a little stronger for a possible playoff run. The best thing about this interminable trade deadline is that it’s almost over.

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  • The full Timo Meier deal to the Devils. That’s what I get for breaking news live on air.
  • Congrats to Barry (and us, because he’s out the conference):
  • These people have serious brain worms.


Foco Line Change bobblehead

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