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New York Islanders at Pittsburgh Penguins: Barzal out, Durandeau to debut [Game #60]

The news is not good for Mat Barzal, who will be out a while. New opportunities await Simon Holmstrom and Arnaud Durandeao.

Pittsburgh Penguins v New York Islanders
Shoot the puck and see what happens.
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Here we go. The New York Islanders are in Pittsburgh for a big match with the Penguins, two flawed teams battling for an unsightly wild card seed that no team seems to really want.

For the Isles, the task only gets harder.

The feared news was announced today: Mathew Barzal was declared out “indefinitely” in Lane Lambert’s pre-game, though the NHL-dot-com story puts it “week to week” — either way, in stupid obfuscation NHL code, that’s somewhere between “out really long term” to “might be back this season, we’ll see.”

Either way, it’s pretty much a nail in the coffin of this season, one would think.

Across the way, the Pittsburgh Penguins welcome Tristan Jarry back in net.

Lane Lambert on Barzal’s injury: “Clearly a big hole for us.” The coach also said this is an opportunity for Simon Holmstrom, who they want to see more from:

Up in his stead is Arnaud Durandeau, who is set to make his NHL debut. Here are 7 facts about the youngster.

And here’s a pre-game with Durandeau, who has a voice for radio: