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Islanders vs. Oilers: When blues and oranges meet [Game #31 thread]

Are we approaching the halfway point of the season? Jeez, we kind of are...

New York Islanders v Edmonton Oilers
So much orange and blue where we go.
Photo by Lawrence Scott/Getty Images

The Oilers are in, the Islanders are hosts, and there’s probably gonna be goals, goals, goals.

U.S. TV Note: This is an ESPN+/Hulu/whatever exclusive.

Beyond the on-ice’s still just great to see these teams both in their traditional colors, reminiscent of the ‘80s battles. Both went on sartorial walkabouts (in some cases, multiple times), but just like the Flames threads of that era, you knew they should eventually return home to the way things should be. Prodigal jersey meddlers.

Anyway, this is our fresh thread for the in-game chat.

However this goes...the Isles will be back at it again tomorrow night in D.C.