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Islanders vs. Maple Leafs: Homestand homestretch [game #27 thread]

The Leafs are here and they brought a healthy goalie.

Toronto Maple Leafs v New York Islanders
Let’s outnumber them.
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Here we are for New York Islanders game time! The fourth game of the six-game homestand brings the Toronto Maple Leafs to town for these teams’ first meeting of the season.

The Leafs are coming after a shutout win with Ilya Samsonov back in net — it wasn’t much of a challenge against the Predators, but Toronto will take good news about its perennial weak points when it can get it. (On that note, John Klingberg is on LTIR, so the Isles won’t have him to kick around tonight.)

The visit from the leaflings also means it was time for another MasterLeaf Theatre segment on the Islanders Anxiety podcast. Check around minute 46 for Dan and Mike fun with our fine sport’s greatest and most absurd melodrama.

In net, it should be a battle of the Ilyas.

This our in-game chat thread. Enjoy it for self-loathing and random outbursts.