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Islanders Anxiety - Episode 261 - A Confusing Time to Be Optimistic

Stop playing like assholes.

Mike and Dan recap a week in which the Islander picked up a lot of points while blowing leads and generally not playing their best.

In games against Detroit and Carolina, the Islanders had multi-goal leads and had things under control... until they didn’t, losing both in overtime in very frustrating ways and throwing away valuable points. In Washington, a heroic effort from goalie Semyon Varlamov masked what had been a lackluster game controlled mostly by the Capitals.

While picking up points is good, playing inconsistently, blowing leads and tasking defensemen with playing massive minutes to hide the deficiencies of others is not.

In the second half, they look at a potentially difficult week ahead, the early evolution of forward Simon Holmstrom and another existential crisis up north.


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