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Islanders at Canucks [Game #15 thread of self-loathing]

Bo Horvat returns to Vancouver, and the Isles go further down the well.

Vancouver Canucks v New York Islanders
Well this should be fun...
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The mood is dreadful and perilous in Islanders Country as Long Island’s best continue a Western road trip of doom.

They took care of the easy one Monday night, serving up the all-but-assured victory for the Oilers after their coaching change but creating suspense by not blowing it until well into the third.

Tonight, rational folk would expect a much easier time for their opponents, as the Vancouver Canucks (11-3-1) have become Canada’s Team under former fired-coach-turned-broadcaster-turned-savior Rick Tocchet.

(Speaking of Tocchet, U.S. viewers note that tonight’s game is on TNT, not MSG.)

No surprises here:

Enjoy late-night misery with us, won’t you?