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Islanders News: We’re...we’re not good (but still believe!)

The Islanders lost again, couldn’t score in the third period again, and the GM understands...but is still a believer!

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NHL: JAN 25 Islanders at Senators
Yet another example of a jersey and logo that should never have been abandoned, yet it took them a generation to realize their mistake.
Photo by Richard A. Whittaker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

“Lads, it’s Ottawa.”

The Islanders didn’t get the message. Same struggles, same result. You lost 2-1 to the Senators. Six losses in a row. My next check of the standings will be for lottery odds.

Islanders News

  • If you avoided our recap because who wants to relive that mess? then I suggest you reconsider. Jenny delivers a State of the Team (and Fanbase) message, a concise counter to Lou’s blah blah with media yesterday. [LHH]
  • Three Takeaways: “We’ve got to find a way.” (Narrator: They did not find a way.) [Isles]
  • Lou Lamoriello descends from the mountain to speak to media (not to bloggers...that was part of the regime change, like short haircuts and clean shaves) and attempt to relieve the pressure valve. One day we’ll do a blind script of what we expect he’ll say (“I still believe” etc.) and then check how close we were. [Isles | NHL | Athletic]
  • Headline achieved though: “Lamoriello gives Lambert his vote of confidence.” [Newsday]
  • The Islanders players echo that support or belief in Lambert. [Newsday]
  • Cam Talbot left last night’s game with an injury. Didn’t really alter the Isles’ chances. [Sportsnet]


Last night’s scores include the Hurricanes winning in OT and the Smurfs losing in Toronto on a Mitch Marner OT goal that was both impressive and an indictment of the Smurfs’ OT defense. (People raved about it on Twitter so I was expecting something really cool, but it was more...bad defense and a dramatic landing.)

  • Some guys got traded between Colorado and San Jose. Boring four-player trade, would not recommend. [NHL]
  • That means it’s time to fire up the trade tracker! [NHL]
  • And time to speculate about the top RFAs of 2023. [Sportsnet]
  • Ryan O’Reilly says he doesn’t want to be traded from St. Louis. Which is interesting, because he’s injured and — ooooooh, you mean the other 31 teams allow injured players to speak? #culture [Sportsnet]
  • The Sabres are among 31 teams, one reckons, to inquire about Timo Meier. [TSN]
  • Bourne asks: How should we evaluate new coaches like Rick Tocchet who take over seriously flawed teams? [Sportsnet]