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Islanders evergreen non-news: Top scorers each season

We are determined to find ways for you to waste time happily.

Buffalo Sabres v New York Islanders
Couple of these guys may be good answers...
Photo by Jim McIsaac/NHLI via Getty Images

All remains dormant in Islanders land, so here’s some Tuesday fun (your definition of “fun” may vary): How about a Sporcle quiz on the top-five scorers of every Islanders season? Take it here. There are no bonus points for nailing the 2004-05 season.

Feel free to share how you did in comments. It’s easier than it first looks (since once you get a name right for one season, it fills in every season where that player qualifies). I got over 200 before having to run — forgetting some key recent players, at least one player who died too young, and a few guys from the early 2000-era that were on the tip of my tongue.


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The Swedish ice hockey federation isn’t messing around: