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Islanders News: Raty rolls at the WJC

That’s all we got from the weekend.

Finland v Slovakia: Group A - 2022 IIHF World Junior Championship
There’s our guy.
Photo by Andy Devlin/ Getty Images

Maybe it’s just a mirage from living in the Lou Lamoriello cone of silence for so long, but it feels like this NHL summer has been particularly long and, once the initial draft/free agency/trade rush swept through, particularly quiet.

Could be also that it’s the first time we’ve had something of a normal offseason after two pandemic-shaped ones, I don’t know. But it was a weekend essentially bereft of any news around the league, with Robin Lehner’s season-ending hip surgery (announced last week) still topping hockey news sites throughout the weekend.

World Junior Championship

Hockey media can at least follow the World Junior Championship — and we’re watching Aatu Raty in particular — but even that traditionally overhyped tournament has its “gee, this is pretty quiet” feel to it so far. There’s always still microscopic study of “how significant is...” every Team Canada moment though!

In Islanders country, we’re left still waiting to hear when the offseason signing/resigning/trade announcements drop. And we can follow the WJC with Isles-tinted lenses, too.

On Sunday Raty had a goal and two assists as Finland trounced Slovakia, 9-3. Raty and the Finns will have a bigger test tonight when they meet Canada. Meanwhile the U.S. outlasted Sweden, 3-2, in the pivotal matchup for their Group B.

Ah well...maybe your baseball team is doing well? Or your Premier League is off to a tidy start?