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Islanders & NHL Playoff News: Road teams win Game 2

One in rather dramatic fashion.

Tampa Bay Lightning v Florida Panthers - Game Two
A stunner.
Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

This post has the obligatory “Islanders” in the title, but there is essentially nothing new to share right this minute. Only one new bit at the moment, but it’s infuriatingly Canadian: Lane Lambert made an appearance on a hockey radio show/podcast. However, it was with Jeff Marek, who is the [expletive] worst, and who asked exactly one Islanders-related question throughout a fifteen-minute conversation. But at least he made sure to spend five minutes talking about the obscure topic of Lambert’s junior coach from forty years ago.

We may have a podcast episode coming out later today, but the Isles are not at all in the news at the moment. Really, not a whole lot of non-playoff news around the NHL.

Actually, that’s kind of nice.

Islanders News

  • “Here at The Jeff Marek Show, we love to close out with some cool, local music. Here’s ‘Hockey Puck Smile,’ by Syrup and the Maple Taps.’” [Lane Lambert’s Interview]



  • Andrew Brunette, Gerard Gallant, and Darryl Sutter were nominated for the Jack Adams Award. [NHL]
  • The Nashville Predators will keep coach John Hynes around for two more years. Alright, sure. He has made the playoffs, yes, but the Preds have not done much once they get there. [NHL]
  • Chloe Primerano became the first female ever to be drafted into the WHL when the Vancouver Giants made her their thirteenth-round pick. [NHL]