FIG Picks: Bolts vs Isles, April 29

Dance with who brung ya. Congrats to new champeen zack779, who sealed the deal in appropriate fashion last night with a Brockian blast. I will have a formal season wrap-up--including the trophy presentation and handing over of the oversized £1,000,000 novelty check--in the days that follow, but this schedule doesn't let you breathe. No wonder the Isles are tired. Then again, apart from Chara and Green, they're not middle-aged like myself.

For those who may not make the wrap party, let me thank everyone now for playing along this season. You've all been great sports and nary a one of you has thrown a tomato at your humble scorekeeper and scribbler, even when flung fruit was well deserved.

P.S. I will be keeping score tonight for the completionists and score-settlers among us.

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