FIG Picks: Blues vs. Isles, Mar. 5

Corny Clarence's Saturday Morning Cartoons are being preempted today to bring you edited highlights from Doc_Ad's comments in the last FIG thread, where he--like Dobber--was killing it! Before I present the good doctor's dramatic tale, let me give a belated birthday shoutout to bodokid, who turned 16 Thursday, and kudos to bagskate, who got off the schneid. Congrats to you both!

The D-Man Always Rings Twice
SCENE: Doc_Ad, Mrs_Ad and youngestkid_Ad have just been bantering at dinner over the night's picks, which were eventually Dobson, Palmieri and Wahlstrom.

And now to our story...


AT UBS: Dobber scores

Doc_Ad: Good thing I listened to the Mrs and not the youngest one. Mega points.

IowaIslesFan (offstage): Same here


AT UBS: Palms pots the Isles' second

Doc_Ad: I dunno about Mrs IowaIslesfan but Mrs_Ad thinks she’s Nostradamus over here. She also thinks she should get, like, bonus points for getting the second goal in the second spot and that if she gets a third goal in the third spot that there should be a special award for that named after her or that people should at least say 'hey, you pulled a Mrs_Ad.'

Someone needs to get Eric Hornick to review the FIG picks over the past years to see if it’s ever been done before.

And, yes, I’ve explained that only the first goal counts but that hasn’t stopped the conversation...


AT UBS: Tito nets the Isles' third

Doc_Ad: Beau … game over, Mrs_Ad.

Later that night...

Mrs_Ad: I did pretty good on my picks. Not great, but pretty good.

Doc: Jenn, it’s the first goal. Only the first goal. You literally can’t do better than you did.

Mrs_Ad: I don’t know about that … and don’t call me, Jenn.

Doc: Sorry. Trust me, Mrs_Ad, you got maximal points.

Mrs_Ad: Mmmmm… I dunno.


Great stuff, Doc!

Game 51 (Vancouver) Results

FIG: Noah Dobson

FIG scorers:






Commenter 69420






zack779 99
nyisles4in4 98
IowaIslesFan 95
papabear17 85
Psi*Psi 80
Doc_Ad 78
wrapper1965 76
gordpike 71
DoctorOsty 70
Clarence Swamptown 66
Kellen Osty 64
IheartBoychuksPuck 58
Commenter 69420 54
19834cups 54
IslanderDoug 50
Wheatkngs 50
Dylan Osty 48
Dan VA 47
Diggy_PA 43
bodokid 39
LILCOLine 34
Railbait 33
SafeArbour 33
St. Dick 32
The Committee ... 30
NorthSeaIsleFan 24
NHterp 15
FormerKatzen 12
DanYannis 7
bagskate 2
Mulligan 43 2
YerpKing 2
AntoNYIsles 0
Blast Hardcheese 0
Bossy 66 0
CC53 0
Hasnizzle Hasnizzle 0
jjbiii 0
just another bandwagoner0
Metalstar 0
reeseinchelsea 0
tanTrum 0
Turgfan77 0
valleyscream 0
viktorkoren 0
3milesisles 0

R.I.P. Jethro

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