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New York Islanders at Colorado Avalanche: Be gentle [Game #50]

The Islanders visit the league leaders, with the threat of humble pie.

Colorado Avalanche vs New York Islanders
Photo by Andy Cross/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images

The New York Islanders went to the Stanley Cup semifinals the last two years and took the eventual Cup champions deeper than anyone else, while the sometimes-favored Colorado Avalanche bowed out in earlier rounds.

But this is 2022, and that sure doesn’t look like either team’s fate.

After a brief winter stumble, the Avalanche are tearing through the league with a .774 points percentage. At home in Denver, where the teams meet tonight, they are 22-3-2.

The Islanders are...not that. They’ve stumbled all season. It’s been one thing after another. A mere 34 points behind the Avalanche, they’ll be watching the playoffs from the outside and the rest of the season includes much uncertainty.

At least the Islanders get to see old friend Devon Toews in his new home tonight. I hope his new pals are gentle.

Lineup Notes

The goalie matchup is Ilya Sorokin vs. Darcy Kuemper, which is pretty much the only hope for an upset.

Mathew Barzal and Zdeno Chara remain out on the injured list.

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