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Islanders Gameday News: Late night game to get back on track

Hello Vancouver.

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New York Islanders v Vancouver Canucks
Back in the ‘Couv.

Hey, the New York Islanders play hockey tonight. That’s wild!

Sorry, not the Wild. They’re playing the Canucks tonight; the Vancouver Canucks, in fact. And they’re in Vancouver—which means that the game doesn’t start until 10:30 p.m. ET. Welcome back to the season.

Leave your First Islanders Goal picks here.

The game is on TNT tonight, part of TNT’s NHL on TNT, which is on TNT every Wednesday. However, since we have the late game on TNT, our very own Brendan Burke will call it for us in what will probably be the busiest work week of this man’s life:

Islanders News

  • Some keys to tonight’s game, like winning! [Islanders]
  • Barry Trotz says that there “no excuses” for his team’s poor play and lack of winning. [Newsday]
  • Neil Best says it’s quite the hill to climb, but it’s not impossible. [Newsday]
  • Mike and Dan just posted a new episode of Islanders Anxiety, where they discuss last week’s loss to the Kraken and wonder if the Islanders are just exhausted. Also, Mike and his wife, Emily, had a baby. Congratulations to the Leboff family! [LHH]
  • Some storylines to watch as the Isles’ season restarts. [The Athletic]
  • Keeping up with the whipper-snappers. [Prospect Report]
  • One Isles fan brought a sign to a game announcing that they needed a kidney. The response has been incredible. [Islanders]


Monday’s and Tuesday’s NHL scores.

  • Pierre LeBrun spoke to Toronto Maple Leafs GM Kyle Dubas about his team’s needs ahead of the deadline and the Leafs’ need to have success in the playoffs this year. [The Athletic]
  • The Sharks, Panthers, Rangers, and Kings each have an extra week off, and they will benefit from it. [NHL]
  • Despite the report of his retirement in The Athletic, there has been no change in Tuukka Rask’s status. [NHL]
  • Why did the sportsbooks cancel bets on the All-Star Game? [ESPN]