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Islanders Anxiety - Episode 220 - The Uncles in the Corner

Say what you want about Ross Johnston, but his existence cracks us up.

Islanders Anxiety Art

Mike and Dan look at the Islanders’ win and two losses over the last week, none of which inspired any confidence in this still very undefinable team.

They talk about the need for a change somewhere - be it on the player side or the execution side - in order to gain an identity that fans and the club can look to for the rest of the season. With high offensive capabilities and poor high danger defense, it’s hard to trust the Islanders right now because you’re never sure what they’re going to do from game-to-game.

In the second half, they address the hilariously petty booing of Johnny Gaudreau and the hockey media machine that made fans think he might be choosing the Islanders in free agency.

Other topics include overdosing on the Devils, FIFA corruption and a couple of rumored Canucks who may be available for trade. Who exactly? Meh, they’re all the same guy anyway.



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