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Islanders Gameday News: Smurfs make their lone visit eastward

Only one time will the Rangers come to UBS Arena this season, and tonight’s the night. And it’s a pretty important game for the home team.

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New York Rangers v New York Islanders
They do usually get up for games against the Rangers, at least.
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Dare I say that it’s another must-win?

The New York Islanders enter tonight’s game in last place in the Eastern Conference. They have two wins. They are also 28th in league standings because the Western Conference is a concerted race to the bottom.

The Islanders’ two wins, you’ll be shocked to learn, came against teams nos. 30 and 31 in the standings—with only the pitiful, winless Vancouver Canucks below them. Staring them down is a Friday-Saturday traveling back-to-back against the reigning Metropolitan Division champs (Carolina Hurricanes) and the reigning Stanley Cup champs (Colorado Avalanche).

On the other side of the ring are the New York Rangers, who I begrudgingly admit are contenders for the Stanley Cup and who lost in a shootout to those very same defending champions (and their aggrieved former backup goalie) last night on national TV. Tonight’s game is technically a traveling back-to-back for them, although my writing that is only to acknowledge that it’s out there. It is not a traveling back-to-back.

It is, though, still a back-to-back after playing last year’s Cup winner; hopefully, they let down a little. And thankfully for us, they started their wizard last night, meaning the Islanders once again get to face their old friend Jaroslav Halak, who has not gotten better with age and has struggled mightily against the Islanders since leaving. All this adds up to a great chance to take two points from a rival and, frankly, save their season from needing to be saved—because, and stay with me here, I don’t think they’re getting a single point from this weekend’s games. I would love to be wrong. But I think I’m right because they can’t handle their speed, and there’s no rivalry to stir them like there will be tonight.

So tonight will be the difference between starting a terrible 3-6 or a dreadful, throw-in-the-towel-and-tank-hard-for-Bedard 2-7. Making up three wins and six points against a softer schedule sounds difficult, but doable. Five wins and ten points? Not a chance, and I don’t feel good about them taking just one point tonight either. That would require some real season-saving, like a six- or seven-game win streak at a minimum, and I can’t see this team pulling that off. They’re already four points off the wild card pace, albeit with one fewer game played.

I know this all sounds a bit too histrionic this early in the season, but they’re screwed if they lose in regulation tonight. They say in this league that you can’t make the playoffs in October, but you can sure miss them. And the Islanders are teetering right on the edge of that ledge. It’s good to be back. But I don’t want to stay very long, so it would be nice if they won tonight. I don’t expect to feel comforted if they win tonight, but it would be nice to stave off pointlessness—-both in the standings and in following this team—for a little longer.

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