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Islanders News: Candlesticks make a nice gift

The Islanders have some challenges to discuss.

Philadelphia Flyers v New York Islanders
“Don’t joke about the roster. We can’t talk about the roster.”
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

With the Islanders having an extra day between games, absolutely nothing has changed since yesterday. But following a 2-4 team whose preseason concerns have been on display, an extra off day is just a chance to sustain our anxiety.

Right now I picture the Islanders gathering like that mound scene in Bull Durham, where everyone’s got a trivial issue like a fawning dad in the stands or a curse on the glove or a completely unbelievable degree of excitement about a teammate’s wedding engagement. (It’s a dated reference, yes, the scene probably doesn’t hold up to 21st-century humor sensibilities — and I’m not sure there was ever an era where candlesticks made a nice gift.)

At least the penalty kills isn’t (currently) an issue!

But between the scratches, the line remixes, the goofy goals conceded and inert 5-on-5 threats, the Islanders could be having mound meetings about any number of topics this week. Alas, in their search for solutions, candlesticks aren’t gonna cut it.

Islanders News

  • It’s a little bit early for anxiety, but damn it if the Islanders aren’t providing that kind of fodder for Dan and Mike’s latest Islanders Anxiety podcast. [LHH]
  • The Islanders are mirroring last season, and that’s not good. [Newsday]
  • With the season off to a dark start, cast your distracted eyes toward a Prospect Report! [Isles]
  • The Isles will name the pressbox in honor of Stan Fischler. [Isles]
  • A really long and winding story about sportswriting but partly about Alexei Yashin’s return to Ottawa. [Gare Joyce]

Comment of the Day

I have to say, while watching (and rooting for) a struggling team sucks, the mix of histrionics and gallows humor it brings out in commentariat can be a joy. This comment out of nowhere (when rehashing the Existence of Jason Chimera) had me guffaw:

just saying i was at the cheetahs 1000th game which was celebrated on home NYI brooklyn ice and well…i have no clue why i am even mentioning this.



Monday night’s NHL scores include the Oilers beating the Penguins and the Capitals doubling up the Devils.

  • Phil Kessel did the thing, tied the ironman record. [Sportsnet]
  • Carey Price’s rehab has not gone well, but retirement isn’t on his mind. [NHL]
  • Tyler Seguin, however is finally feeling more like himself after hip surgery. [NHL]
  • Josh Norris heads to the Senators’ IR list. [TSN]
  • J.T. Miller protests that the Canucks, who are now winless in seven, aren’t “that bad.” [ESPN]
  • Lindblom returns to Philly, receives ovation. [NHL]
  • Auston Matthews says these roller blades are more like ice skates. [NHL]