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Islanders News: Florida Man ejects visitors

The Islanders spent the weekend in Florida but could not fend off talk of crisis.

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New York Islanders V Florida Panthers
Two steps forward (six steps back, six steps back).
Photo by Eliot J. Schechter/NHLI via Getty Images

The Islanders are home sitting at 2-4 on the young season with a rivalry game, a game in Raleigh and a game the next night against the Avalanche on the docket.

We’ve all seen this danger coming and have talked about it this stretch of games plenty already, but like that dreaded Thanksgiving dinner with the dysfunctional in-laws it’s here, and we’ve got to get through it.

Or the Islanders do, at least. We’re just along for the ride, waiting to find out what the next few games tell us about the team we allow to control our mood. So far, not so good: Two games feared and dropped in Florida this past weekend.

Islanders News

  • About last night: More lineup adjustments and line combos, to no good effect. [Newsday]
  • That included Ross Johnston’s first game of the season, and Josh Bailey returning to the lineup and bumping Anthony Beauvillier. [Newsday]
  • The Islanders haven’t completely fallen into a hole yet...but you can see one just up ahead. [LHH]
  • Bordering on a crisis, you might say. [Athletic]
  • Three Takeaways: Too many takeaways. [Isles]
  • Adversity, she is here. [Post]
  • This will probably be characterized in a lot of different ways (it has players knocking some analytics, while noting high-danger chances), but the Lane Lambert quote will stick if things don’t go well: “There’s will and structure to our game. Those don’t really get analyzed by analytics. We analyze it.” [Post]
  • Jeff Kubiak has become a mainstay in Bridgeport after six seasons (and now he has an NHL deal too...) [CT Post Insider]


Sunday’s other NHL scores include the Blue Jackets dumping the Rangers and the Sharks shutting out the Flyers.

  • Oh dear: The Canucks’ terrible start continues, now features three jerseys thrown on the ice in protest during the listless home opener. Jim Rutherford talked of a rebuild immediately following. [Sportsnet]
  • Phil Kessel is about to tie the ironman record, but he doesn’t remember when or why he last missed a game. [NHL]
  • Injury roundup: Petr Mrazek on the shelf for the Hawks. [NHL]
  • Teammates: “Tavares has been a beast.” Tavares: “I’m just trying to be myself. Be productive and consistent [beep, boop]” [TSN]
  • Speaking of Canadian Leaf-centric media, thank goodness someone got a “It’s pretty impressive” headline quote from Auston Matthews about Kessel’s ironman streak. Where would Ontario be without such finds? [TSN]
  • The 1988 Devils draft pick who’s working on the “Mighty Ducks” series. [NHL]
  • Something about global recruitment for the NCAA as witnessed in Vermont. [Sportsnet]