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New York Islanders vs. Florida Panthers: Home opener [Game 1 thread]

It was a long offseason.

Calgary Flames v New York Islanders
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The New York Islanders open the 2022-23 season tonight vs. the Florida Panthers, launching a seasonlong saga of hopes, anxiety and despair/elation. They will choose the boundaries for us, as we choose how to interpret the adventure.

In addition to the usual home opener festivities, the 7:30 scheduled start will include stuff about their 50th anniversary season — 15 of which have included fan favorite/scapegoat Josh Bailey. Be prepared for tears, chills, and then a game.

Who’s the 12th forward in the Isles lineup? We’ll learn by puck drop, and not that much sooner.

This is our in-game thread. If you want to play along, log in and comment down below, or just surf the comments as you question your life choices.

Only fitting to highlight Olli Jokinen history as these two teams get together...(also: holy cow, Nathan Horton, and Ed Belfour-as-Panther!):

Wherever you’re watching tonight...hey, have fun out there, pal.