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New York Islanders vs. Los Angeles Kings [Game #36]

Cousins from California come ‘a calling.

NHL: Los Angeles Kings at New York Islanders
It’s been so long since we faced the Kings, Boychuk got to celebrate on ice.
Dennis Schneidler-USA TODAY Sports

The 15-14-6 New York Islanders {wait...:blinks:...that’s above NHL .500!} host the 21-16-6 Los Angeles Kings, for the silver and black’s first visit to the new arena at Belmont Park.

This is the month where every team gets to visit the new arena since it didn’t exist in October, only opened in late November, and the plague took out the hosts for half of November and December.

As a reminder, this one is a 7 p.m. EST start on ESPN+/Hulu only.

There could be a lineup adjustment: Kyle Palmieri is now available, while Austin Czarnik has been placed on IR. But Czarnik was already out last game, so no guarantee for the vet.



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