FIG Picks: Leafs vs. Isles, Jan. 22

So, I used to be an actor and the closest I came to stardom was a pilot I shot for a CBC show called FIG Force Five. It was about a sexy quintet of secret agents based in Flin Flon who used to zoom around Manitoba predicting hockey scores and saving the world. My character was Mikko Vukota, a handsome Finnish-Canadian sniper, deadly with a blade and armed with a full arsenal of vaudeville jokes. I only got to tell one and it went like this: There was a daddy tomato, a mommy and a baby tomato named Clarence; the baby tomato began to lag behind so the daddy tomato squashed him and yelled, "Ketchup!"

This is just to say I've got three games to catch up on and I'm sorry for being tardy to the party. Luckily, after mild ado about Nelson my mathematical burden was lightened by the accounting firm of Salo & Mayfield, who do nice work but are as unexpected as the Spanish Inquisition.

Game 31 (vs. Flyers) Results

FIG: Brock Nelson

FIG scorers:










Game 32 (@ Flyers) Results

FIG: Robin Salo

FIG scorers: None

Game 33 (vs 'Yotes) Results

FIG: Scott Mayfield

FIG scorers: None

zack779 70
nyisles4in4 67
gordpike 62
papabear17 55
Clarence Swamptown 54
19834cups 54
Doc_Ad 51
Psi*Psi 48
Dan VA 47
DoctorOsty 46
IowaIslesFan 45
Kellen Osty 44
IslanderDoug 43
IheartBoychuksPuck 41
wrapper1965 36
Dylan Osty 31
The Committee ... 30
Wheatkngs 30
Commenter 69420 23
SafeArbour 23
St. Dick 22
Railbait 20
bodokid 19
Diggy_PA 19
LILCOLine 19
NHterp 15
NorthSeaIsleFan 9
FormerKatzen 2
Mulligan 43 2
YerpKing 2
AntoNYIsles 0
bagskate 0
Blast Hardcheese 0
Bossy 66 0
CC53 0
Hasnizzle Hasnizzle 0
jjbiii 0
just another bandwagoner0
Metalstar 0
reeseinchelsea 0
tanTrum 0
Turgfan77 0
valleyscream 0
viktorkoren 0
3milesisles 0

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