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Weird Islanders: The Podcast! - Episode 2 - Jay Pandolfo (with guest Kevin Schultz)

Entenmann’s, Adventureland and Jay Pandolfo. Doesn’t get anymore Long Island than that.

Mike and Dan discuss defensive forward Jay Pandolfo’s short but legendary stint as an Islander with former blogger and Vintage Ice Hockey founder Kevin Schultz.

The three look at how the veteran ended up with the Islanders late in his career, recap his one and only goal for a team other than the New Jersey Devils and learn about maybe the saddest Twitter parody account of all time. And, of course, no Jay Pandolfo discussion would be complete without a look at his linemate Nino Niederreiter, who endured one of the singularly awful rookie seasons in recent NHL memory and set off a butterfly effect that still affects the team to this day.

Kevin also blows our mind with an unsubstantiated jersey rumor that we’re choosing to 100 percent believe is real.

Thanks again to Kevin for coming on. Follow him on twitter at @Schultz88. And make sure to visit Vintage Ice Hockey


Here’s Pandolfo’s only goal as an Islander and the 100th of his career. The other 99 were with some other team

And here’s a very awkward autograph signing at Adventure Land. Hope everyone had fun.

Let us know in the comments (constructively, please) what you think of the show. And we’re always open to suggestions about other Weird Islanders to discuss. Remember the criteria. Candidates must fulfill one of the two of the following:

  • Played one (1) season or less for the Islanders or very short stints over multiple seasons.
  • Be a veteran NHLer who is not generally associated with his time on Islanders.

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