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Totally Booked: NHL reschedules postponed games, Islanders get busy February

Get ready to stay up late.

New York Islanders v Vancouver Canucks Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images

The NHL announced a swath of schedule updates today, rearranging and slotting in almost 100 games to complete every team’s 82-game regular season. The Tetris-ing of nearly half a season’s worth of games must have been a monumental task, but getting three weeks to work with that would have normally gone to the Olympic Break opened up a bunch of possibilities.

The big hole the Islanders would have had in February now features a Western Canada swing, two Original Six home dates, and then a West Coast trip that includes their long-awaited (by someone, surely) trip to the Emerald City. In March, their final game of the season was moved back a day to fit in a game from December and another game from earlier in the same month. And also, Buffalo. Like I said, it’s complicated.

Here are the new games, per the Islanders site.

NY Islanders @ Vancouver rescheduled for February 9 @ 10:30pm ET

(Previously scheduled for January 5)

NY Islanders @ Edmonton rescheduled for February 11 @ 9:00pm ET

(Previously scheduled for January 8)

NY Islanders @ Calgary rescheduled for February 12 @ 10:00pm ET

(Previously scheduled for January 11)

NY Islanders @ Buffalo rescheduled for February 15 @ 7:00pm ET

(Previously scheduled for December 27)

NY Islanders vs Boston rescheduled for February 17 @ 7:30pm ET

(Previously scheduled for March 22)

NY Islanders vs Montreal rescheduled for February 20 @ 2:00pm ET

(Previously scheduled for December 20)

NY Islanders @ Seattle rescheduled for February 22 @ 10:00pm ET

(Previously scheduled for January 4)

NY Islanders vs Columbus rescheduled for March 10 @ 7:30pm ET

(Previously scheduled for January 18)

NY Islanders vs Ottawa rescheduled for March 22 @ 7:30pm ET

(Previously scheduled for March 24)

NY Islanders vs Detroit rescheduled for March 24 @ 7:30pm ET

(Previously scheduled for December 29)

NY Islanders vs Pittsburgh rescheduled for April 12 @ 7:30pm ET

(Previously scheduled for March 10)

NY Islanders vs Washington rescheduled for April 28 @ 7:00pm ET

(Previously scheduled for December 23)

NY Islanders vs Tampa Bay rescheduled for April 29 @ 7:30pm ET

(Previously scheduled for April 28)

Here’s February in visual form. Check your flights accordingly.

All in all, the Islanders don’t make out too badly with this new schedule. Two road trips isn’t ideal but they get some home dates in the middle and two-day break in between. Also, to be blunt, as of right now, the quality of competition here is... modest. February could be a chance for them to make up a lot of points.

Which is good, because March is packed to the damn gills. At least bunch of these are at home.

April is road heavy, too with a lot of playoff teams. And also Buffalo. Man, what’s with those guys?