FIG Picks: Caps vs. Isles, Jan. 15

Fourteen-year veteran Josh Bailey opened the scoring for the Islanders at UBS on Thursday, a night where the Nassaumen earned two points more than the entire FIG community. Ol' Number Twelve (no, not Duane Sutter) spoke about the snub with Shannon after the game.

"No respect, no respect at all, I tell ya," said a sweaty Bailey as he adjusted his tie. "I made a post on LHH asking why nobody backed me for FIG. One guy replied 'Because it's First Islander Goal, not Secondary Islander Assist.' Another said my goal shouldn't count for the contest because I was probably trying to pass to somebody behind the net. I just don't get no respect."

Bailey will be appearing at Dangerfield's every night between games.

Scoring note: LILCOLine's initial entry of "Arnold Horseshack" earns 1,212 spiritual points as Horseshack is to the Sweathogs what Bailey is to the Islanders, an integral member of the enterprise forced to endure much ribbing from those who, deep down, truly love him. For the record, second-choice Vinny Barberino is the obvious alter ego of Mat Barzal while Mr. Kotter is clearly a stand in for Zdeno Chara, as both made their debut in 1975.

Game 29 (vs. Devils) Results

FIG: Josh Bailey

FIG scorers: None

zack779 70
nyisles4in4 67
gordpike 62
papabear17 55
Clarence Swamptown 54
Doc_Ad 51
Psi*Psi 48
Dan VA 47
IowaIslesFan 45
DoctorOsty 44
Kellen Osty 44
19834cups 44
IheartBoychuksPuck 41
IslanderDoug 41
Dylan Osty 31
The Committee ... 30
Wheatkngs 30
wrapper1965 29
Commenter 69420 23
St. Dick 22
SafeArbour 21
Railbait 20
bodokid 19
Diggy_PA 19
LILCOLine 19
NHterp 15
NorthSeaIsleFan 7
FormerKatzen 2
Mulligan 43 2
YerpKing 2
AntoNYIsles 0
bagskate 0
Blast Hardcheese 0
Bossy 66 0
CC53 0
Hasnizzle Hasnizzle 0
jjbiii 0
just another bandwagoner0
Metalstar 0
reeseinchelsea 0
tanTrum 0
Turgfan77 0
valleyscream 0
viktorkoren 0
3milesisles 0

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