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Islanders News: Nick Leddy the first domino for Expansion Draft Protection Day

After dealing Leddy, Lou Lamoriello needs to expose a different defenseman in the Expansion Draft.

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New York Islanders v Arizona Coyotes
But time makes you bolder / Children get older / ‘n I’m getting older too
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The day is here. Expansion Draft protection lists are due today. While they will not be officially announced until tomorrow, it’s likely word will leak out — even about the notoriously discreet Lou-era Islanders. So keep your eyes peeled for that and likely a signing.

If you missed it last night (and there were lots of reactions in the now ironically titled “no news” morning bits thread and in our Leddy trade post), the Islanders found a taker for Nick Leddy to ease their situation, even getting an asset (a draft pick) or two (half of Richard Panik’s contract, plus perhaps the actual use of Richard Panik) in return. But that opens up the need to expose another defenseman for the Expansion Draft. Which means a low-level signing could be coming?

Considering all Leddy has done for the Isles, it feels kind of callous to be all, “Whew! That worked out well” about the trade. It wouldn’t have happened if the pandemic and flat salary cap situations weren’t in effect. And if the Islanders had maybe managed other commitments better. But either way, their approach got them to two final fours, and Leddy was a real part of that. So: mixed feels today.

The Leddy Trade (and other Islanders News)

  • A good outcome from a difficult situation for Lou. [LHH]
  • The 52nd overall pick, 50% salary retention, and Panik. Not bad. [NHL]
  • It affects Expansion Draft planning, but more importantly it clears some cap. [Newsday]
  • What’s next after this trade? The aforementioned signing/addition of some defenseman for the Expansion Draft. [Staple at The Athletic]
  • Maybe Panik gets a middle six role. (I’m hopeful Barry Trotz can channel him in the right direction, but if they have to bury him in the minors it’s doable too.) [Post]
  • Reactions from Winging It in Motown: Initial excitement, then some trepidation
  • Mildly outdated (Leddy was indeed traded) but still very relevant as of this morning: Staple outlined the factors in play for the Isles ahead of the Expansion Draft. [Athletic]
  • Also: While Zach Parise will go for a comfortable (and likely affordable) fit (so: Islanders and Lou?), Ryan Suter is going to field lots of offers that aren’t necessarily cheap. [Athletic]

I’ll Be Missing You...


Checking in on Oilers fans, whose misery is both sad and highly entertaining...

  • Just a day after the word was “the Oilers and Adam Larsson are talking, they just need to talk a little more,” now the word is that Larsson is going to explore free agency. [Athletic]
  • Revisiting the timing of the Duncan Keith trade...doesn’t look good for Ken Holland. [TSN]
  • For example: While the Ryan Suter buyout was a surprise to most, Keith Yandle being bought out provides another option for teams. [Litter Box Cats]
  • Maybe the Bruins will be in on Yandle and others? [Athletic]
  • But anyway, back to Canadian GMs being torched by their fans, here’s a Q&A with Canucks GM Jim Benning. [Sportsnet]
  • Still no movement between the Avalanche and UFA and captain Gabriel Landeskog. [TSN]
  • After 15 seasons with the Canucks, Alex Edler will depart and hit the market. [NHL]
  • Of course Pat Maroon is the spokesperson for sobriety in Cup celebrations and blaming the damage to the chalice on the rain, totally. [Post]